Pulltown Tractor Pulling Championships

Admission to the Pulltown National Tractor Pulling Championships varies.

The Pulltown National Tractor Pulling Championship in Bowling Green, Ohio, is the largest tractor-pulling championship in the world. People travel from all over the world to visit and take part in the festivities at NTPC. Since 1962 the first speed pull was introduced to Wood County, it has become a staple for this small town. This jam-packed three-day event holds five sessions of exciting and riveting pulls. Anything from four-wheel drive trucks to super semis can be seen competing to bring home those big trophies. As the largest tractor-pulling championship in the world, who wouldn’t want to go out and enjoy all the fun? With over 2,100 campsites and about 65,000 people, it is the perfect weekend to end the summer.

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