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SERVICES: We’re a leader in digital and social marketing and run a site that consistently gets the #1 organic Google result for a wide variety of highly effective Ohio travel and event keyword combinations. OhioTraveler.com receives well over one million visitors per year.


  • Article (advertorial) in an OhioTraveler monthly edition:
    Attract an audience interested in things to do in Ohio. It includes a photo and web links for $495 (limit 4 for CVBs and 2 for solo attractions per year). It is included in the current edition for one month and archived for at least 11 additional months of exposure. If not provided, an additional writing fee applies.
  • Display Advertisement: (200 x 300 pixels)
    It is guaranteed to be on pages that average 150,000 page views per month. Position in the left column of OhioTraveler pages changes daily. It is $125/month or $1,400/year.
  • Listing:
    Any attraction or event or property may appear in any appropriate section of OhioTraveler for a one-time fee of $79 per listing. It includes a photo, link and up to 300 words. Discounts available for multiple listings.
  • Press Release Dissemination:
    Send your press release to approx. 1,000 media members. If you have two press releases that do not generate fair media results, you will get an article in OhioTraveler.com at no extra cost. The cost for press release dissemination is $195.
  • Video Projects:
    Click here for examples
    Our videos won awards and recognition by various statewide organizations including the Ruby awards for clients at several annual OTA (Ohio Travel Association) conferences. We film, edit and produce promotional videos featuring your brand. You own the rights to the finished video and may use it anywhere. It is also published in OhioTraveler.com and posted to YouTube. We will film up to six locations in a six hour period. The total cost for a video project is approximately $1,400.
  • Social Capture: Build a multimedia library
    If you don’t already have a library of quality photos and video clips to share, we can create it. We will spend a day capturing content in the form of photos and video clips (up to six hours total). Once the trip is completed, creation and editing of photos and video clips are produced. Video clips are approximately 15 seconds each, ideal for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Social Capture is $1,400.
  • Social Liaison: Create and manage your social media channels
    We will post content once per week to three social media platforms, ongoing. The content may come from the Social Capture and/or Social Substance described above or from a library of share-worthy photos, video clips and printed material the client may already have. Client may also post as desired in addition to any of the social media platforms being set-up and maintained. The Social Liaison service for managing three social media platforms is $1,500 per year ($10/week per platform) ongoing plus a one-time $150 total set-up fee (if applicable) for the three platforms. You may add additional social media platforms at $10/week per platform ($15 if it is a mobile device app-only).
  • Flo Story Projects™  / Multimedia Features:
    Click here for examples
    Offer something worthy of sharing. Become your own media provider to your social channels. Build social substance with staying power using what we call Flo Stories™ to market your key attraction(s).Flo Stories™ are deep multi-media features that go in-depth on one destination with a well written and entertaining article with interviews and includes excellent photography and brief video clips that fall into place complementing that part of the story.  The complete piece is published on TourGuideToFun.com and remains there indefinitely. It is also promoted by OhioTraveler.com in any monthly edition. In addition, it is sent to 1,000+ media contacts as a contributing piece through ZoneFreePublishing.  It is also duplicated in its entirety for posting on your or any web site(s).  You also receive dozens of high-end photographs and several polished video clips to add to your media/marketing library.This is a deep multimedia piece with compelling story and supporting photos and video clips woven together for one destination. The stories seen in these samples can be embedded right into your own web site. The key is quality content that is timeless and embodies the flexibility to use as a whole as well as in parts (photos, video clips, social media posts), not just once but over and over again in your social media, on your web site and with your press releases.Flo Stories™ packages are $1,649 and include a visit to develop the story, conduct an interview, film video clips and take still photos.

Flexible Billing:
Invoicing may be broken into several quarterly payments over the course of a year.


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