Unique Ohio Restaurants & Eateries

These Ohio restaurants and eateries offer unique dining experiences. Find your next foodie adventure here.

The Haunted House Restaurant

The Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland Heights has scary good food and decor!

  • Open daily: Mon – Thrs from 4-9pm; Fri & Sat from 10am-3pm and 5-10pm; Sun from 10am-3pm and 5-9pm
  • Location: (Map It) 13463 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
  • Phone: 216-862-5584
  • Web: click here

From potion bowls to purge birthday surprises, The Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland Heights offers a deliciously scary, fun time. Horror fans will love the ambiance and tasty dishes named The Poultrygeist, Scream Burger, Stranger Things, Pennywise, and Creepy Seafood.

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Mt Adams Bar & Grill

Mt Adams Bar & Grill in Cincinnati
was the first drinking establishment in Ohio
to obtain a liquor license post Prohibition

Let me tell you about the historic Mt Adams Bar & Grill in photos, the back of the menu, a couple of selections from the menu, and a plaque on the brick wall outside.

The Back of the Menu 

“The Mt Adams Bar & Grill backbar reputedly came out of a speakeasy owned by the infamous Cincinnati bootlegger, George Remus. Speakeasys were illegal bars operated during the Prohibition of alcohol decreed in 1919 by the 18th Amendment to our Constitution. Remus, a Chicago criminal attorney, moved to Cincinnati and bought a distillery to produce legally bonded whiskey for medicinal purposes by prescription only. Not surprisingly, a great of Remus’ whiskey found its way into speakeasys. At the height of his success, he employed 3,000 people and $20,000,000 in bribes to local police and officials. His success brought him $45,000,000 in profits and the unwelcome attention of federal agents. Scheduled for trial, he gave his diamond collection to his wife. For unknown reasons, she promptly filed for divorce, but in a diabolical twist, just two hours before the trial was scheduled to begin, Remus tracked her down in Eden Park and killed her. He pled guilty due to insanity, spent three months in a state mental hospital, afterwhich he was found sane and released.

Prohibition was repealed in 1933 with the passage of the 21st Amendment and the Bar & Grill in it’s present location was the first drinking establishment in Ohio to obtain a liquor license.” 

A Plaque on the Brick Wall Outside

“When Prohibition ended, Mt. Adams Bar served the second drink in Cincinnati at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, December 6, 1933 to the Mayor of the Queen City, Russell Wilson.”

A Couple of Selections from the Menu

OMG, try this appetizer: Fried Jalapeno Ravioli. It’s to die for!

“It’s a ravioli filled with chopped jalapeno peppers and ricotta cheese. Fried to a golden brown and served with a side of marinara sauce for dipping.”

And for a sandwich, try the Southwestern Chicken. “It’s fresh chicken breast marinated in their special sauce and grilled to perfection. Topped with sour cream, green taco sauce, pepper jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, and served on a grilled buttercrust bread.” 

A trip here will also whet your appetite for culture and history. Mt. Adams is a legendary Cincinnati neighborhood built on a steep hillside. Much of it was once part of the Nicholas Longworth Vineyard, which developed the Catawba grape from which America’s first champagne was produced. Also rooted in Mt. Adams’ story are the world-renown Rookwood Pottery and the first public observatory in the western hemisphere—Cincinnati Observatory.

By Frank Rocco Satullo, The OhioTraveler, Your Tour Guide to Fun

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Clays Cafe

Clay’s Cafe is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and restaurant.

  • Open: 10am – 9pm Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday)
  • Location: (Map It) 808 West Main Street in Hebron, Ohio
  • Phone: 740-929-2529
  • Web: https://clayscafe.com/

Clay’s Café in Hebron, Ohio dates back to 1934. Their motto is homemade with pride. It’s a nostalgic small-town diner nestled into a neighborhood setting. The atmosphere is set by the staff – friendly and helpful. And the commentary from diners is in a word – delicious!

When West Main Street turns rather residential, there’s a modest yellow house with a sign out front with a big colorful picture of a sundae. The sign reads…

Clay’s Café
Old Fashioned Ice Cream
in the rear

Pull down the driveway. Tucked behind the house is a subtle yellow brick building with red brick patio seating complete with cute umbrella tables snuggled near flower planters. Inside is the historic ice cream parlor and diner.

Earl and Dorothy Cummins opened the Cummins Ice Cream shop here in 1934. The Clay family (Sherman and Evelyn) bought and renamed it in 1979. And until 1997 it was known as County Fair Foods. They still serve their Sherm Fries known as their famous “Fair Fries.” Their daughter Glenna and her husband Mark renamed the eatery Clay’s Diner in tribute to their family history and its connection to the historic National Road. Today, it’s the kind of place you overhear multigenerational families say, “My dad used to bring me here when I was a kid.”

But the house specialty didn’t come along until the year 2000. Clay’s stromboli has lit up the taste buds of a new generation. They fill their pizza dough with pepperoni, sausage, and cheese. Once it’s baked, it is smothered in garlic sauce. And served with their signature pizza sauce.

The menu not only features those famous fries, stromboli, and ice cream but a variety of options. These include a classic or build-your-own pizza. A patron favorite is Susan’s Zah. It has seasoned grilled chicken with ranch dressing, garlic sauce, and basil smothered in Swiss and mozzarella cheese. Be sure to have a napkin handy. It’s mouth-watering!

A favorite off the grill is their Homemade Pulled Pork Sandwich. This delight is slow-cooked and then drizzled with barbeque sauce on a grilled ciabatta roll. It comes with a side of slaw but this slaw takes a backseat to nothing! The slaw, the slaw is to die for!

They also offer your sub sandwich staples, build-your-own burgers, and plenty of appetizers (try the Deep-fried Cauliflower). A lineup of salads and their homemade soups will get things started. And to finish, we come complete circle to ice cream cones, splits, sundaes, shakes, oh, and cake, too.

By Frank Rocco Satullo, The OhioTraveler, Your Tour Guide to Fun!

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Do Good Restaurant & Ministry

Welcome to Do Good Restaurant and Ministry in Osgood, Ohio.

  • Open: Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 8pm, and Friday until 9:30pm
  • Location: (Map It) 25 West Main Street in Osgood, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-582-GOOD (4663)
  • Web: https://www.dogoodrm.com/

Do Good Restaurant and Ministry in Osgood, Ohio is in the middle of rural western Ohio so it is a destination or pilgrimage restaurant to seek out. But it’s worth the journey or mission.

If you blink, you may drive through Osgood, Ohio, and miss it.

The servers are volunteers and tips go to a worthy cause. Ask your server whom you are helping today.

The menu spans breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It features a wide variety of dishes, many with creative names such as the Prodigal Burger. For the kids, try to resist the Little Fishers served in a Noah’s Ark with animal crackers. And while you wait for your appetizers or entrée, sip on a Miracle Mocha from the He♥Brews Coffee Bar.

And remember, “Brothers and sisters, while we are here let us do good.”

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Donut Trail in Butler County


Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler.com

Ohio’s first and only Donut Trail, according to the Butler County Visitors Bureau, boasts one of the highest number of donut shops per capita in the Midwest.

The Butler County Donut Trail highlights small, family-run donut shops and invites visitors to explore the county through donuts. With one donut shop for every 17,000 residents, visiting a neighborhood donut shop is a favorite morning tradition across this southwest Ohio community.

Featured Donut Trail locations represent a combined 372 years of donut-making experience. With a loyal fan base, Butler County’s donuts inspire devotion.

“I would drive nine hours for a Milton’s pink donut, and do… since I live in Chesterfield, Virginia. Nothing beats sitting on my back porch with a couple of Milton’s and a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. Just wish they had one in Richmond!” said Mike Bogan of Chesterfield, VA.

Tapping into the enthusiasm for these sugary donut confections was an easy choice for the Butler County Visitors Bureau.

“With a tremendous number of independently run donut shops, creating the Donut Trail was a fun way to highlight some of the unique and off-the-beaten path businesses that make Butler County a great place to live and visit,” said Mark Hecquet, Executive Director of the Butler County Visitors Bureau.

There are 12 participating donut shops along the trail: Jupiter Coffee & Donuts, Kelly’s Bakery, Martin’s Donuts, Milton’s Donuts, Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery, Oxford Doughnut Shoppe, Ross Bakery, Stan the Donut Man, Central Pastry, Holman’s Donuts, The Donut House and The Donut Spot. At last count, more than 10,000 people completed the trail, including visitors from over a dozen different countries all but one state, including Alaska and Hawaii.

“Kelly’s Bakery is thrilled to be part of the Butler County Donut Trail. We can’t wait to welcome people to our store, our city and our corner of the Midwest,” said Kelly’s Bakery owner, Diana Ramsey.

The Butler County Donut Trail spans 80 miles and takes 4.5 hours to complete. A Donut Trail passport is available for donut fans to log their journey. Each participating donut shop displays a coded decal. Visitors who fill in the passport with all correct codes earn a complimentary Donut Trail t-shirt.

Click here for more information on the Butler County Donut Trail or to download the Donut Passport.

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Eli’s BBQ in Cincinnati

Welcome to Eli’s BBQ in Cincinnati.

Eli’s BBQ in Cincinnati is located in a place that’s not well marked but everyone knows where to go for great tasting barbeque and atmosphere. It’s in an old river neighborhood a stone’s skip from the Ohio River. When you walk into the weathered building, you first notice the worn wooden floor. On one wall there’s a collection of rock’s finest vinyl albums. On another wall, there’s an old stereo system with a turntable spinning records from the collection. You’ll walk to the counter in the back and order your food. Then, find a seat in the front dining room with the most peculiar art for sale, hanging on the walls. Or you may sit outside or in an adjacent tented eating area. They’ll bring the food to you when it’s ready. The pulled pork, ribs and creamy southern coleslaw are to die for! But there are plenty of other great options to feast on. If you enjoy Jalapeño, try the cheddar grits and cornbread. Eli’s BBQ has been listed in national top-10 lists for best barbeque and is also available at some Cincinnati area Kroger stores. They also have a stand at the historic Findlay Market for take-out in downtown Cincinnati.

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Ellie’s Restaurant

Ellie’s Restaurant in Yellow Springs, Ohio

  • Open: 8am – 2pm daily for breakfast and lunch. And 2pm  -8pm (seasonally) for dinner on Friday & Saturday.
  • Location: (Map It) 321 Xenia Avenue in Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-319-0402
  • Web: click here

Ellie’s Restaurant at the Mills Park Hotel in Yellow Springs features a touch of southern cooking in Ohio. Destinations like New Orleans and Charleston inspire the menu. In addition to southern favorites, it has American staples. Weather permitting, a table on the front porch overlooking downtown Yellow Springs is recommended. Each table inside was handmade by the original owner.

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Front Street Cafe

Welcome to Front Street Café along the Ohio River in the quaint town of New Richmond.

  • Open: Tuesday 11-4, Wednesday & Thursday 11-9, Friday & Saturday 11-10, Sunday 10-4
  • Location: (Map It) 120 Front Street in New Richmond, Ohio
  • Phone: 513-553-4800
  • Web: click here

The Front Street Café is a happy place in a quiet walking town overlooking the Ohio River just a stone’s throw east of Cincinnati. With its pink brick, green awning, and purple umbrella sidewalk tables, this café & gallery bistro is an oasis to escape the hustle and bustle of life. The colorful and spacious interior of the café brings about smiles between strangers.

Signature dishes range from hot panini sandwiches to ribeye to pan-seared seafood specials. Save room for Opera Cream Cake! Enjoy summertime barbecues at the outdoor grill along with live music on stage.

The open floorplan allows natural light to splash off the island fireplace. History and art adorn the walls inviting eyes to take a closer look. The local landscapes on canvass are captivating. And the stories accompanying the framed, historic, yellowing newspaper articles tell why this sleepy town along the river was where the sun shined brightest for so many, many years ago. Before leaving the café, ask for a map of the freedom trail which is just outside the door.

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Golden Lamb Restaurant & Hotel

Welcome to the historic Golden Lamb Restaurant & Hotel in Lebanon.

for the full story and several photos
featuring the Golden Lamb

The Golden Lamb Restaurant & Hotel in Lebanon, Ohio opened its doors in 1803 as a “house of Public Entertainment.” It has now been over two centuries since its commencement, and this establishment is still in operation. It is now Ohio’s longest continually operating business.

Over the years, this historic inn has been visited by 12 presidents, spanning from John Quincy Adams to George W. Bush. Other prominent historical figures have visited, including Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. Accordingly, each overnight room is named after a famous guest that has stayed there. The rooms are also complete with antique furnishings, a private bath, television, and telephone.

The history doesn’t stop there. This inn is believed by many to be haunted, prominently by the ghost of Sarah Stubbs. Sarah grew up in the Golden Lamb after her father died in 1882, and her uncle, Albert Stubbs, took over the operation. Visitors can view a recreation of Sarah’s bedroom on the fourth floor, where some of her actual belongings still remain. On top of ghost hunting, guests can also enjoy the tavern and very popular restaurant for dining.

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The Governor

Welcome to The Governor in Milford: Open daily for breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

The Governor is a modern diner in Milford, Ohio. This charming little eatery is a local favorite and a place people will take a road trip to taste. It’s nestled downtown between centuries-old buildings on Main Street. And after a bite to eat, walk the town to see the shops and stops that make this a great day trip for many Ohioans.

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Jimmie’s Ladder 11

Welcome to Jimmie’s Ladder 11 in Dayton is open daily from 11am – 10pm (open til 1am on Fri & Sat nights / closes at 9pm on Sun)

Jimmie’s Ladder 11 in Dayton, Ohio is a unique setting for a restaurant. It is housed in an old firehouse (The new Ladder 11 is just down the street). When you walk in the door, a classic fire pole extends to the second level through a hole cutout in the ceiling. The atmosphere says family-owned and the menu has tasty originals. It’s a great place for lunch or dinner. There’s even a stage for live entertainment and room upstairs for private parties. If you’re looking for a watering hole with personality, enjoy the full bar.

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Maid Rite Sandwich Shoppe

Welcome to the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe in Greenville.

  • Location: (Map It) 125 N Broadway St. in Greenville, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-548-9340 
  • Web: Click here

The Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe in Greenville:  One of the most unique eateries around, the Maid-Rite lures hungry visitors from hundreds of miles away just to taste the legendary sandwich made just right in a modest shop located in the little rural Southwest Ohio town of Greenville.

If any place can reflect a city’s heart and soul, it is this minuscule eatery with a big attraction. From the looks of the outside, nobody in their right mind would want to eat there. This is because the deco of the exterior red brick is adorned with chewed bubble gum of a wide assortment of colors stuck to the walls in such density it is difficult to find a new spot to add to the “Wall of Gum,” as locals fondly refer to it. Consider it a tradition and try a Maid-Rite sandwich anyway. There’s nothing like it.

A Maid-Rite sandwich can be compared to a very dry yet flavorful sloppy joe with a touch of onion, mustard, and pickles.

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Millrace Restaurant at Clifton Mill

Welcome to the Millrace Restaurant at Clifton Mill.

  • Location: (Map It) 75 Water Street in Clifton, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-767-5501
  • Web: click here

The Millrace Restaurant at Clifton Mill hours of operation are February Through November open weekdays 9am – 4pm and weekends 8 am – 5pm. November 25 Through January open weekdays 9 am – 2pm and weekends 8am – 2pm. Closed Christmas, New Year’s, Easter &Thanksgiving Day.

Home cooking in a spectacular atmosphere, the Millrace Restaurant at Clifton Mill serves home-style cooking for breakfast and lunch. The pancake and cornbread mix are made right there at the mill. Fresh whole grain bread is baked daily along with homemade pies and cookies. Sit back and relax to the gentle sounds of the old mill wheel and the soft rhythm of the water gently cascading over the falls as you gaze out at the covered bridge and Clifton Gorge. Afterward, browse through the gift shop decorated throughout with antiques from a bygone era. The Mill and Restaurant accommodate special events, parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.

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Sunrise Café

Sunrise Café in Yellow Springs, Ohio

  • Open: daily from approx. 8am – 2pm and 5pm – 9pm
  • Location: (Map It) 259 Xenia Ave in Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-767-7211
  • Web: click here

Sunrise Café in Yellow Springs is a cheery place to eat and hang out. Just about everything is made from scratch. Their food is mostly locally sourced from area farms. Thus, their mantra “Local. From Scratch. With Love.” Enjoy organic American fare with vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their seasonal creations reflect what the local farms have to offer. But you can always bet on mouth-watering breakfast favorites, and great lunch or dinner options featuring seafood, burgers, chicken dishes, and pasta along with a variety of salads. Leave room for the peach crumb pie or equally delicious desserts. Sunrise in Yellow Springs is always a tasty adventure.

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Susie’s Big Dipper

Welcome to Susie’s Big Dipper in Piqua.

  • Open Open 3 pm – 10 pm daily (closed Sunday & Monday, fall thru spring)
  • Location: (Map It) 323 N. Main in Piqua, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-615-0700
  • Web: www.susiesbigdipper.com/

Susie’s Big Dipper in Piqua:  Enjoy the atmosphere of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, complete with all types of hand-dipped ice cream confections, from cones (including homemade waffle cones), sundaes, shakes, malts, sodas, floats, coolers and made-to-order treats to homemade soups, sandwiches and “penny candy.”  Located right on Main Street, the parlor has table seating and offers board games for your enjoyment, as well as  free Wi-Fi.  We have now added soft serve ice cream as well! Ice cream pies or cakes (a layer of cake plus a layer of ice cream-your choice of flavors) available by special order. A perfect place to take the family!

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Tastefully Delicious

Foodie fun is sprinkled across Miami County, Ohio.
(Excerpt from a past edition of www.OhioTraveler.com)

miami-foodiesFood is no longer a side dish to tourism, in many cases it has become the main course! It is best served at the regional level where originality and freshness are ingredients for success.

Miami County features seven wonders of foodie travel in Ohio. But it’s no wonder that family-owned and operated specialty shops simply know how to give you that extra touch that makes you want to come back again and again. The small town storefront is a treat in itself. Done right, it’s worthy of a snapshot to remember it by, much like a newfound friend.

Olive Oasis in Troy, Ohio has that allure. As you approach it from the sidewalk, it has a Mediterranean feel. Inside, you’re likely to meet its owner, Luke Schlumpf. He’s in his early 20s. His mission is to provide the region with the best olive oils and balsamic vinegars. The wide variety are fresher, by far, than what you’re likely to get at a grocery store. Plus, you can sample dozens of choices straight from Fusti’s imported from Italy. Luke has all the details including properties, countries of origin, health benefits and more. You can even be introduced to flavorful recipes that will make you a hit at your next dinner party.

Olive oil and bread go together like oxygen and lungs.

Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company is left of the hypnotic fountain and across the town square. Its founder and baker, Margaret Begg, is a true artisan in bread-making. She first experimented in her country kitchen and then at New York’s Culinary Institute of America followed by the National Baking Institute of Minneapolis. She apprenticed under a French master baker. Soon thereafter, her own reputation grew as an authentic artisan in bread making with complete knowledge of its science and physics. Today, her shop features a stone hearth oven from Verona, Italy. It also has a café and catering service.

Take a little country drive and relax to the scenery that leads you down a long shaded driveway to a quaint little building next to a family home. As soon as you enter, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile – likely by Janet Rissinger. Her Spice Rack in West Milton, Ohio is like visiting a friend down the street to get that rare herb you know you won’t find anywhere else. After a few minutes, you won’t know if you came to shop or visit. Regardless, you will walk out with whatever it was you were looking for and a feeling of warmth to boot. You name it, they have it and in any quantity measured for you right there.

Some private enterprises hit the big time. That’s what happened with Trophy Nut. Located down a residential side-street near downtown Tipp City, there’s an old brick building serving as the factory outlet store. Inside, you’ll feel the 50-year history. The oversized measuring scoops used to fill bags with chocolate covered nuts inside clear bins, the old-fashioned scale to weigh your purchase and the vintage machines that dole out treats are all remnant of a bygone era. Walk from one brick and wood room to the next and gaze at the bags, boxes, jars, bins and tins of chocolates, candies, dried fruits, snack mixes and nuts of all kinds and you’ll feel like you died and went to heaven.

But save the heavenly confections for later. Now is the time for a sinful indulgence around the corner at Sweet by Kristy. There’s a little table with a couple of chairs out front of the pretty shop that provides a picturesque view of one of Ohio’s loveliest small, small towns. Its sidewalks always bustle with pedestrians shopping. Many find themselves ducking into the tiniest of places and inside is Kristy, usually putting cupcakes into her oven. She says “best ingredients – best cupcakes” and they’re made from scratch, daily! She even has gluten-free cupcakes. But that’s not all; she also has turtles, caramel apples, whoopee pies, buckeyes, candies and even dog treats. The place is colorful!

Another handmade confectioner – fourth generation – is in Piqua. The Fort Piqua Plaza is an architectural gem. Inside the beautifully restored historic building are a multi-level library and Winans Fine Chocolates and Coffees. It’s truly service with a smile, and a bright one at that! Watch and learn the coffee roasting process and absorb the aroma of beans from around the world roasted on site in old copper cooking kettles. Featuring coffees, cappuccinos and organic teas, the shop also has mouth-watering handmade delights from premium chocolates. Try the hand-wrapped caramels and old-fashioned brittles. If you have a gift basket to send someone, this is the place.

Speaking of baskets, our last stop is for fruits and veggies. You might as well throw in some country arts and crafts while you’re at it. The rafters have an unusual display of ornaments – historic metal tractor seats. Welcome to Fulton Farms, where locally grown fresh produce is picked and sold inside the rustic century barn. Bring the grocery list because it’s all here. You can even pick your own strawberries and peas straight from the field. There’s also a wide selection of canned items and all kinds of jams, preserves with no sugar added, salsas, grilling sauces and salad dressings. Plus there’s a dairy cooler and of course, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor! Say hi to Joyce Fulton, she’s usually chatting it up with someone.

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Ye Olde Trail Tavern

Welcome to Ye Olde Trail Tavern in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Ye Olde Trail Tavern in Yellow Springs was built in 1827 and some original hand-hewn logs remain. Yellow Springs used to be a destination for what was believed to hold healing waters. Franz Martin Hafner married Mary Ann Sroufe and in 1847 the Hafners bought lot number 19 in Yellow Springs with the log tavern still on it. After the Hafners passed in the late 1890s, the building is believed to be a restaurant ever since. Today, visitors enjoy the well-maintained ambiance of a tavern from Yesteryear as well as the delicious offerings throughout the menu. Some favorites are the sauerkraut balls, potato salad, slaw wurst, tavern wings, BenJammin’ burger, loaded bier cheese fries, and the Hafner sandwiches.

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Village Ice Cream Parlor

iceCreamParlorStoreFrontWelcome to the Village Ice Cream Parlor in Lebanon, Ohio.

  • Open daily 11am- 8pm (until 7pm Jan &Feb)
  • ocation: (Map It) 22 S. Broadway  Lebanon, Ohio
  • Phone: 513-932-6918

The Village Ice Cream Parlor in Lebanon, Ohio was founded 1969. This unique eatery features a full menu plus ice cream so good you will even have cravings for the cold stuff in the middle of winter. It is truly an old fashioned parlor experience complete with early 20th Century decor. In the midst of a classic Norman Rockwell looking town, the parlor has attracted patrons from all around, including President George W. Bush, Neil Armstrong and Woody Harrelson. Not only that, it has been used for scenes in major motion pictures such as Milk Money (1993) and Harper Valley PTA (1978).

It all started in 1969 when a group of local businessmen wanted to have a meeting place. They each pitched in and bought the building and made renovations. In 1978, Phyllis Hartsock purchased the parlor and was joined by her husband Dave as co-owners. Today, their two daughters, Sandy and Susie help run it.

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Busy Bee Restaurant

Welcome to the Busy Bee Restaurant in Marietta, Ohio.

  • Open: Monday – Saturday from 6:30am – 2pm, and Sunday from 8am – 2pm
  • Location: (Map It) 226 Gilman Ave in Marietta, Ohio
  • Phone: 740-373-3755
  • Web: click here

The Busy Bee Restaurant is in the historic Harmar Village in Marietta. This diner has been a family-owned local favorite since 1944. The Marietta staple features a small scratch kitchen sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms for about 80 years. It serves delicious breakfast and lunch dishes. If you want a drink with a kick, look over the Boozy Bee Menu, too. Jarred fresh honey and jams are also sold here.

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The Colony Restaurant

Welcome to The Colony Restaurant & Entertainment Venue in Gallipolis, Ohio.

  • Open: Wednesday – Saturday for lunch and dinner, from 11am – 11pm (closes at 8pm Wed & Thr)
  • Location: (Map It) 418 Second Avenue in Gallipolis, Ohio
  • Phone: 740-209-0110
  • Web: click here

The Colony Restaurant & Entertainment Venue in Gallipolis converted the town’s historic Colony Movie Theater into a restaurant and more. It’s a unique setting that has preserved much of the old theater’s heart. It has become a popular destination restaurant as well as a favorite local hot spot. The movie screen still hangs and entertains the dinner crowds with classic films. It sits on a vast stage that now hosts a variety of live entertainment.

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JimBo’s Bar & Diner

jimBo-hocking-cvbWelcome to JimBo’s Bar & Diner in Bloomingville.

  • Open: 11am to 9pm; mid April through mid December
  • Location: (Map It) 23356 State Route 56 in South Bloomingville, Ohio
  • Phone: 740-332-6550 

JimBo’s Bar & Diner in Bloomingville is Hocking Hills’ “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.  JimBo’s is a must stop when cruising through the Hocking Hills on your Harley.  Famous for their HUGE burgers, this is the perfect spot to refuel between hikes at Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave and Cedar Falls.  Hike the Grandma Gatewood Trail between Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave (6 miles) and then enjoy a guilt-free JimBo burger – let’s face it, you’ve earned those calories.  JimBo’s is located on State Route 56 between State Route 374 and State Route 664.  All Bikers are welcome!  Sunday of Labor Day weekend is the annual Hog Roast and Motorcycle Rodeo, camping is available.  JimBo’s is open second week of April through second week of December.

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Oddfellows in Portsmouth is for those who enjoy fun personality, atmosphere, pizza, and vintage games.

  • Open: Friday & Saturday, from 11am – 10pm, and Sunday – Thursday, from 11am – 9pm
  • Location: (Map It) 526 Second St. in Portsmouth, Ohio
  • Phone: 740-529-2470
  • Web: click here

Oddfellows is a unique eatery and entertainment establishment nestled in the Boneyfiddle Historic Block of Portsmouth, Ohio, in a three-story building dating back to the mid-1800s. It is known for its signature pizza and chicken wings fresh from the custom-tiled wood-fired oven. It’s great for a fun date night or family outing, featuring duckpin bowling lanes and an old-fashioned backroom arcade with your vintage staples.

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Olde Dutch Restaurant

Welcome to Olde Dutch Restaurant in Logan, Ohio.

  • Open: 11am to 8pm Monday through Saturday and 11am to 7pm Sunday 
  • Location: (Map It) 12791 State Route 664 in Logan, Ohio 
  • Phone: 740-385-1000 
  • Web: Click here

olde-dutch-hocking-cvbThe Olde Dutch Restaurant and Banquet Haus sits at the edge of a stand of stately oaks that Logan natives have called Rempel’s Grove for over 100 years.  In the 1840’s, the site was used as a community picnic ground. It was easily accessible from downtown Logan by canal boat for a 15 cent fare.  After the Civil War, local war hero and capitalist Col. Ferdinand Rempel, the City of Logan, and the Hocking Valley Railroad, hosted a reunion for over 1,000 Union veterans at this location, with then Governor (and later President) William McKinley in attendance.  Today the Olde Dutch Restaurant and Banquet Haus continues the tradition of a great place for family dining, featuring full menu, delectable buffet and decadent desserts.  The Olde Dutch is the perfect spot to refuel after a canoe trip down the Hocking, a round of Adventure Golf or antique and craft shopping – all at Remple’s Grove.

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Big Ed’s Soda Grill

Welcome to Big Ed’s Soda Grill in Vermilion.

  • Open: Year-round
  • Location: (Map It) 5502 Liberty Avenue in Vermilion, Ohio
  • Phone: 440-963-9413
  • Web: click here

Big Ed’s Soda Grill in Vermilion is a vintage 1930s restaurant & soda fountain. It is housed in a building dating to 1892 and was originally a dry goods store. Whether you’re traveling Route 6 along the Lake Erie coast or making a special trip to experience Big Ed’s (and the lighthouse and beach a skipping stone away), be sure to make this iconic stop. Click here to read more.

For the rest of the story, click here

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Amish Door Restaurant & Village

Welcome to Amish Door Restaurant & Village.

  • Open Monday – Saturday 7am – 8pm
  • Location: (Map It) 1210 Winesburg Street, Wilmot, Ohio
  • Phone: 330-359-5464 or 888-264-7436
  • Web: click here

The Amish Door Restaurant & Village:  This restaurant is set in an oversized Amish-style home with a seating capacity of 450.  Patrons can choose from an extensive menu with everything from breakfast to dessert.  All food is Amish style, and guests can come for all meals of the day to enjoy the coziness of an Amish home with an Amish meal.  If guests prefer, they can also choose to have a full family-sized Amish-style meal prepared instead of each person ordering for themselves.  A take-home menu also features things such as bread prepared in the restaurant.

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Welcome to Bearden’s in Rocky River, Ohio.

  • Open: daily from 11am – 8pm
  • Location: (Map It) 19985 Lake Road in Rocky River, Ohio
  • Phone: 440-331-7850
  • Web: https://beardens.com/

Bearden’s has delighted its patrons with signature steakburgers, Slim Jim French Fries, milkshakes, and a family-friendly atmosphere. It is a cool, cheerful, remodeled retro 1950s roadside diner that opened in 1948! Kids love it. The overhead model train, old-fashioned Jukebox, and friendly service make comfort food that much more comfortable.

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Columbus Food Adventures

Welcome to Columbus Food Adventures.
Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler.com by Christine Bryant

A Columbus tour group is hoping to satisfy the tastes of local food lovers.

Whether it’s exploring the city’s stash of taco trucks, or browsing delicacies at some of the capitol’s finest restaurants, Columbus Food Adventures takes visitors on five different food tours throughout the city.

Bethia Woolf, owner of Columbus Food Adventures, says the tours aren’t just for out of towners, though.

“I think they have something to offer people who live in Columbus because it’s a way of trying different restaurants in one day,” she said. “It’s a great way to explore and find new places.”

Woolf, a food blogger, got the idea of running a food tour company in Columbus after hearing about successful tours in New York.

“I think Columbus has a lot of great food and we started the business because we wanted to really show that off,” she said.

In the summer of 2010, Woolf began offering culinary tours, which typically run three to four hours in length.

“We take people to the places with the most interesting stories or who are doing special things,” she said.

Group tour and private tour options are available for any of the five tours: The German Village Tour, the Alt Eats Food Tour, Short North Food Tour, the Taco Truck Food Tour and the All Food Dessert Tour.

Tickets range from $50 to $60 and include all the food on the tours, transportation and the guides. Two of the tours – German Village and Short North – are walking tours.

German Village Tour

Lined with historic brick homes, the streets of this Columbus neighborhood located just south of downtown are home to some of the city’s most famous restaurants.

Stops on the food tour include Lindey’s, G Michael’s Bistro, Pistacia Vera and Barcelona. Also on the tour is Harvest Pizzeria, known for its gourmet Neapolitan-style pies, and Katzinger’s, a deli featured on the Food Network.

The German Village Tour begins at 2 p.m. on Saturdays from March through December.

Alt Eats Food Tour

The Alt Eats Food Tour takes visitors on a tour of the world by including Somali cuisine, Vietnamese sandwiches, Mexican baked goods, Nigerian food and Southern Indian delicacies.

The tour takes place in ethnic neighborhoods near North Cleveland Avenue, and visitors will travel in a 14-passenger van to each destination.

Tours typically run beginning at 6 p.m. on Fridays.

Short North Food Tour

The Short North is one of Columbus’ most popular neighborhoods. Located just north of downtown, the Short North includes boutiques, an arts district and quaint bars and restaurants.

Woolf says the Short North tour is designed to show off some of these features, beginning with the North Market, a public farmers’ market that operates year-round. The tour includes a history of the building and allows tour goers to meet some of the market’s local food vendors.

The tour also includes another five to six stops, including Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, which has been featured on the Food Network.

The tour is a walking tour, and kicks off at 11 a.m. – just in time for lunch.

Taco Truck Food Tour

Scattered throughout the west side of Columbus are some of the city’s best Mexican dishes served in taco trucks.

Tour goers will board a passenger van and travel to five of the most popular trucks. Each stop includes a tasting of each individual truck’s specialty.

The most popular tour Columbus Food Adventures offers, the Taco Truck Food Tour also gives visitors insight into how to order at a taco truck, meat choices and the history of some of the different dishes.

This tour runs from April to the end of October.

All Dessert Food Tour

A popular choice among sweet lovers, the All Dessert Food Tour visits some of Columbus’ best sweet spots.

The tour begins at Pistacia Vera in German Village and includes Sugardaddy’s in downtown Columbus where tour goers will sample the store’s famous brownies. The tour also includes a stop for artisan roasted coffee at Café Brioso, baked goods at Pattycake bakery in Clintonville and a frozen treat at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

Mixologist Cris Dehlavi will create dessert cocktails for the final stop at M Restaurant. There also will be non-alcoholic drink options for those who are not of age or do not want to consume alcohol.

The tour begins at 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays.

Woolf said Columbus Food Adventures also can arrange a special gluten dessert tour for groups of eight or more.

To order tickets for any of these tours, call 1-800-838-3006 or go to columbusfoodadventures.com.

By Christine Bryant

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Buckeye Express Diner

Welcome to the Buckeye Express Diner in Bellville, Ohio.

The Buckeye Express Diner in Bellville offers the unique experience of dining in an old train car attached to an old steam engine. Drivers along I-71 know the place because it sits atop a hill in the scenic backdrop of Northeast Ohio’s Mohican Country. The restaurant serves American comfort food indoors or out. Kids have a play area, too.

Burger lovers will want to try the Locomotive Buckeye Pounder. There’s also the Buckeye Mega Dog and Lake Erie perch. Pair it with deep-fried mushrooms and you’re bound to slip out an “Mm-mmm.” There are also plenty of salads and veggie wraps to choose from. Dessert comes in three types of cheesecake: blueberry, cherry, and strawberry. And drinks include fountain soda, slushes, beer, coffee, and tea.

All aboard!

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Dublin Village Tavern

Welcome to the Dublin Village Tavern in Dublin, Ohio

  • Open: Daily from 11am – 11pm (Sunday 12 – 9pm). Kitchen closes an hour before closing time.
  • Location: (Map It) 27 S. High St. in Dublin, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-766-6250Web: click here

The Dublin Village Tavern is a place where the locals gather, and visitors are welcome. The building dates to the late 1800s and across the street was an old stagecoach stop. The brick sidewalks and enchanting architecture mix the influences of the old country with today. This quaint setting is comfortable, and it has an Irish egg roll appetizer that you may never stop eating. The Irish Kettle Dinner and Tavern Meatloaf are two favorite entrees. There’s also a great sandwich and burger selection. Leave room for dessert – The Triple Irish!

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Granville Inn

Welcome to the Granville Inn.

The Granville Inn is an historic English Manor inn in Granville, Ohio. Its become a dining destination for lovers of great food throughout central Ohio. Voted  Best New Restaurant byColumbus Monthly magazine this year, Granville Inn is a cherished landmark in the heart of this quiet New England-styled village.

Offering a delightful selection of contemporary cooking rooted in classic French traditions, our emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, and the finest meats and seafood, is complimented by a wine list of over 90 selections.  Open breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Each of our thirty guest rooms offers individual character and style through their unique furnishings and décor. All rooms feature feather beds, plush linens, luxurious guest amenities and modern comforts such as full, private baths, cable television and high-speed Internet.

Escape to Granville Inn.  Great taste in the heart of Granville only 10 minutes North of I-70 East of Columbus.

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Kewpee Hamburgers


Welcome to Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima, Ohio.

  • Open: Mon – Sat from 5:30 am – 10 pm and Sun 7am – 10pm
  • Location: (Map It) Three locations in Lima, Ohio at 111 N. Elizabeth St. / 1350 Bellefontaine Ave. / 2111 Allentown Rd.
  • Phone: 419-228-1778 (N. Elizabeth St.) / 419-229-1385 (Bellefontaine Ave) / 419-227-9791 (Allentown Rd.)

Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima, Ohio: Known as America’s second burger chain and first with curbside service, Kewpee Hamburgers began at Kewpee Hotels in Michigan. Lima, Ohio has some of its last establishments around and they are going strong. And with its beef locally raised, this historic eatery is as popular as ever.

Maybe you’ve heard of their jingle, “Hamburger pickle on top, makes your heart go flippity-flop.”

Perhaps more memorable than the slogan is the nude Kewpee doll mascot (originally from the once popular Kewpie Dolls). Anyway, there’s a large one that makes for great photo ops when you visit.

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Close Quarters

Close Quarters – the world’s smallest bar – is located at (Map It) 31953 Lake Road in Avon Lake, Ohio. Be sure to confirm their hours by calling 440-933-5217 just to make sure you’re not greeted by a sign on the door that reads, “Gone Fishin’!”

Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler

CLOSE-QUARTERS-AVON-LAKE-OHIt’s all in a name. Close Quarters on Lake Road in Avon Lake, Ohio has been said to be the world’s smallest bar, second smallest bar, one of the world’s ten smallest bars by MSNBC, Budget Travel and others.

That said, for anyone who’s squeezed into the bar, they are better known for their delicious wings and burgers. The fries are pretty tasty too. Oh, and spirits. All of which may be considered some of the best kept secrets in Ohio travel. And for regulars, they’d like to keep it that way. After all, there are only so many seats to go around. No worries, every newcomer is received with open arms. If you do stop in, expect a very friendly atmosphere and be ready to join in the conversation and laughter. The quarters are too close not to. Consider it a private party and you’ve been invited to pull up one of 11 bar stools or 12 seats along the wall where you’re bound to knock knees with those turning out from the bar. Don’t be shocked if your picture is taken and put on the wall of fame.

The space or lack thereof is used well. Walls, ceiling, you name it, has interesting memorabilia and collectibles that can occupy your attention all night. Every nook and cranny of the joint has a surprise and a laugh waiting for your gaze. The bar takes up most of the room but it leaves a little corner for the kitchen and rest rooms are just one skip down the hall.

Don’t be shy, be sure to select an interesting tune from the jukebox and enjoy your time in the neighborhood where if everyone didn’t know your name upon entry, they will all holler it on your way out because you have just become a friend of Close Quarters.

By Frank R. Satullo, The OhioTraveler

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Coblentz Chocolate Company

Welcome to the Coblentz Chocolate Company in Walnut Creek, Ohio.

Coblentz Chocolate Company is an Ohio Amish Country staple known for its tasty, hand-made candies made with fresh ingredients such as dairy cream, nuts, and caramel. Premium quality chocolate is used in both their milk chocolate as well as their dark chocolate. Their signature offerings include Almond Bark, Cherry Cordials, Chocolate Caramels, and Peanut Clusters. The peanut clusters have had customers raving about them for over three decades. There’s a viewing area where customers may watch the chocolate workers crafting deliciousness. Also in that area is a mini museum-esque timeline with photos that tells the deep history behind the sweet facade. Come for a treat or take home a gift box. Select from a variety of themed assortments or customize your own. Oh, and there’s also a great sugar-free selection.

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Copper Mug Bar & Grille Restaurant






Welcome to the Copper Mug Bar & Grille Restaurant at Landoll’s Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio.

The Copper Mug Bar & Grille Restaurant at Landoll’s Mohican Castle in Loudonville is a casual environment and a lovely place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s set atop the rolling hills of Mohican Country with a sprawling view of the wooded countryside. The menu features steaks, seafood, burgers, and a variety of other entrees, gluten-free and vegan meal items, plus a full bar with a rotating seasonal drink menu.

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Lava Rock Grill at Unusual Junction

Welcome to Lava Rock Grill at Unusual Junction.

  • Hours: Monday – Friday 11 – 2; Sat. & Sun 11-4
  • Location: (Map It) 56310 US 36 in West Lafayette, Ohio
  • Phone: 740-545-9772

The Lava Rock Grill at Unusual Junction:  One of Ohio’s unique shopping & dining attractions. Situated in a restored 19th century railroad station and 7 vintage train cars. Featuring a Gourmet deli and food market, a 1950’s era retro diner serving lunch and snacks.

Featuring gourmet sandwiches, char-grilled burgers, homemade soups & salads, and ice cream desserts, set in a 1950s style diner. Lava Rock Grill is also now the home of the Bob Barker Price is Right game show sign, so you can dine under the flashing TV show icon while watching the original programs on television.

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Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor

Welcome to the Covered Bridge  Pizza Parlor near Ashtabula, Ohio.

  • Open: Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. – midnight; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m.-1 a.m.
  • Location: Two Ashtabula area locations include 6541 South Main St. in North Kingsville, Ohio (Map It) and 380 East Main St. in Andover, Ohio (Map It)
  • Phone: 440-969-1000 or 440-224-2252
  • Web: coming soon

The Covered Bridge  Pizza Parlor in Ashtabula:  The kid-friendly pizza parlors are nestled among the historic Ashtabula covered bridges. Ashtabula County is known as the Covered Bridge capital of Ohio. The spanning bridges offer an ambience to the pizza parlor and a nice back-drop for the Classic Car Cruise-Ins held on Thursdays throughout the summer months.

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Marion’s Eaterarian Trail

Welcome, Foodies, to the Marion County, Ohio Eaterarian Trail.

Marion County, Ohio Eaterarian Trail:  Travelers like to visit those fascinating places, museums, historic sites, beautiful scenery, etc. But they also travel because they like to find new great places to eat. Not the well-known, tourism factory restaurants, but the small, out-of-the-way places that are worth exploring for. Sound familiar? If so, it begs the question, “Are You an Eaterarian?”

Eaterarians are not connoisseurs, gourmets, or even foodies. Eaterarians like to find those out of the way eateries with great food, an unassuming atmosphere, and where having a laugh with friends isn’t considered inappropriate. They usually find these places by accident. It would be great if there was a list, maybe even a map of places like that. A list of all the great diners, little local places, and stand-up eateries – all within a few minutes of each other. Places with those ‘best-ever’ breakfasts, works-of-art burgers, authentic throwbacks, and just plain, comfortable food. The good news is it can all be found in Marion County as you travel the Eaterarian Trail. About a dozen incredible, unique eateries that are truly local, totally comfortable, and memory-making.

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The Loch – Chattan Loch Bistro & Pub

Welcome to The Loch – Chattan Loch Bistro & Pub – in Bellefontaine.

  • Open for Lunch Monday through Friday 11 AM-2PM; Dinner Wednesday & Thursday 5 PM – 9 PM and Friday & Saturday 5 PM – 10 PM
  • Location: (Map It) 212 East Columbus Avenue, Bellefontaine, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-592-2696

The Loch aka Chattan Loch Bistro & Public House is a casual dining experience in the heart of downtown Bellefontaine. We feature an expansive menu, including steaks, seafood, chops, and our ever-popular burgers and fish! Guests may enjoy our Wing Wednesday specials, which includes $0.49 wings and $1 domestic beers, as well as $5 burger & fries Thursdays. Beginning in August, we will be featuring live music, including bands, that are sure to please a variety of crowds! The Loch is your place for great food and fun!

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The Estate On Coffee Creek

Welcome to The Estate On Coffee Creek in Austinburg.

  • Open Friday and Saturday 5pm to 10pm. Reservations are highly recommended
  • Location: (Map It) 1591 State Route 45, Austinburg, Ohio
  • Phone: 440-275-5022

The Estate On Coffee Creek in Austinburg:  Coffee Creek Estate is located in the heart of the Grand River Valley wine region of Northeastern Ohio. The Estate was constructed in 1840 by two gentleman returning from the California gold rush. The Estate took almost ten years to construct using hand carved beams, railroad track and tons of stone from the creek bed, which is the Estate’s namesake. Over the years the Estate has been home to prospectors, gentlemen farmers, steam engine builders, a safe haven for the underground railroad, an antique auctioneer, hosted location for the Betty Davis movie “The Dark Secrets of Harvest Home” and now chef Nicholas Kustala and somellier Giovanna Kustala are bringing yet a new chapter into the Estates long history with passion for great food and wine.

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Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Cafe

Welcome to Mozart’s Bakery  & Piano Café in Columbus.

  • Hours:    Sun – Mon 8 am – 5:30 pm; Tue – Thr  7 am – 10 pm; Fri – Sat 7 am -11 pm (call number above for hours of other locations) 
  • Location: (Map It) 2885 North High St. in Columbus, Ohio 
  • Phone: 614-268-3687 or 1-888-MOZARTS 
  • Web: www.mozartscafe.com  

The Mozart’s Bakery  & Piano Café in Columbus:  Anand Saha left India to study hotel management in Europe, where he met Austrian native Doris Tinter, training to become a pastry chef. They shared a dream of owning a business, which became reality in 1995 with the opening of Mozart’s Bakery and Café.

Today, the Sahas have three more stores: Mozart’s (North Market); Café Mozart (on Indianola); and Café Amadeus (363 E. Town St.). They all offer free wireless Internet access and fabulous food, and the High St. and Indianola locations offer live classical music every weekend. They also hold a High Tea, with more than 20 teas and a mouth-watering display of canapés and pastries, each Tuesday through Sunday from 2 pm to 4 pm (reservations required).

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also available, with choices ranging from Ham, Mushroom, and Swiss Omelet to Muesli to Eggs Amadeus, and such lunch/dinner specials as Hungarian Goulash, Mushroom and Asparagus Quiche,  three kinds of  Schnitzel, and Spaetzle with Spinach and Swiss Cheese. More familiar fare, such as a burger, is also available.

And all four locations offer goodies like apple strudel, napoleons, petit fours, and tortes (including my favorites, tiramisu and lemon cream), available in individual servings or as whole desserts. Prices vary; call for details. Or stop by for a bite and pick up one of their popular mini gift boxes while you’re there. If you don’t come away groaning in delight and repletion, you have more self-control than I do!

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Guggisberg Swiss Inn

Welcome to the Guggisberg Swiss Inn in Millersburg.

  • Location: 5025 SR 557, Millersburg, Ohio
  • Phone: (Map It) 330-893-3600 or 877-467-9477
  • Web: click here

The Guggisberg Swiss Inn in Millersburg:  The bed and breakfast is a family-owned business opened in 1993.  It is located in Amish country and sits on top of a hill surrounded by Amish farms.  Though the inn is in the country it is still only minutes away from all the Holmes County has to offer.  The inn is excellent at capturing the essence of Amish living as it is just two miles north of Charm which is said to have more buggy traffic than anywhere in the world.  The inn offers many picnicking and hiking areas as well as a wonderful view of a large duck pond.  The inn also offers a complementary breakfast and evening snack.

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Nutcracker Family Restaurant

Welcome to Nutcracker Family Restaurant in Pataskala, Ohio

  • Open: Tuesday thru Sunday from 7am – 8pm (closes 2pm Sunday)
  • Location: (Map It) 63 E. Broad St. in Pataskala, Ohio
  • Phone: 740-964-0056
  • Web: click here

The Nutcracker Family Restaurant is a 1950’s style diner featuring nutcracker memorabilia galore. The interior is candy for the eyes featuring a classic black and white checkered floor, red vinyl booths, neon sign, and a jukebox playing anything from Chuck Berry to Buddy Holly. Come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just pony up to the counter and have freshly brewed coffee. The pork tenderloin sandwich is out of this world. Homemade desserts range from their signature Snicker cookie pie and old-fashioned malts to Amish chocolates and retro candy. double-decker banana cake is to die for! This American diner has all the staples, and then some!

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Put-In-Bay Restaurants

Popular Put-In-Bay Restaurants featuring the Round House Bar, Boathouse Bar and Grill, Chicken Patio, Pasquale’s Café and Chocolate Cafe & Museum.

Boathouse Bar and Grill

  •  Open daily mid-April through October from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.
  • Location: (Map It) Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-285-5665
  • Web: click here

The Boathouse is located in the heart of downtown serving lunch and dinner in a casual atmosphere.  The Boathouse is known for its excellent perch, walleye and homemade walleye chowder.  Unwind in the evenings with daily entertainment.  Call for the latest entertainment schedule and special events taking place.  Most Saturdays offer entertainment throughout the day. 

Chicken Patio

  • Open daily May – October at 11:00 a.m. closing time depends on the weather and time of season
  • Location: (Map It) 60 Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-285-4595

The Chicken Patio is open and is located in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay next to the Round House Bar. Enjoy a wine basted barbecue chicken dinner on our outside patio or inside the Park Hotel.  Enjoy a cold drink from our antique Peanut Wagon.

Chocolate Cafe & Museum

  • Open daily May thru September 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • Location: (Map It) 820 Catawba Ave in Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-285-2268
  • Web: Click here

For those who have a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Museum in Put-in-Bay is the perfect place for you to get your chocolate fix. Customers can go to the Put-in-Bay store or choose from and order from a selection of chocolate treats online. ‘Chocolate Ohio’ has several delicious attractions and goodies. Over fifty sugary treats are available to purchase, as well as fresh roasted coffee and ice cream from a hand-made Gelato or soft serve cones in 32 flavor choices. Explore and sample from 100 different kinds of chocolate. Not only do they offer a nibble to eat, but the staff also provides live entertainment by “chocolate shows” at requested venues and a portion of the profits go directly the selected venue. Not sweet enough? Explore Chocolate Ohio’s chocolate museum and learn about the history and observe antique chocolate collectibles.

Pasquale’s Café

  • Open daily from mid April through October 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. 
  • Location: (Map It) 234 Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-285-8600 
  • Web: www.pasqualescafe.com/

Pasquale’s Café is located in the heart of downtown next to the Park Hotel.  Featuring Italian Cruisine, Pasquale’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Pasquale’s offers a nice wine selection to go with your dinner.

Round House Bar

  • Open daily from mid April thru the end of October from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. 
  • Location: (Map It) Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay, Ohio 
  • Phone: 419-285-2323 
  • Web: www.theroundhousebar.com/

The Round House is located in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay.  Enjoy live music daily at this historical Put-in-Bay landmark.  Call for the latest entertainment schedule and special events taking place. 

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Hartville Kitchen

Hartville Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery in Hartville, Ohio

  • Open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday thru Saturday (Closed Sunday and Wednesday). Bakery and Shops; hours are 10am – 8pm. Restaurant hours are 11am – 8pm.
  • Location: (Map It) 1015 Edison Street NW in Hartville, Ohio
  • Phone: 330-877-9353
  • Web: https://hartvillekitchen.com/

The Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery in Hartville, Ohio has been serving homestyle cooking for more than 50 years. The meals are from scratch. The bakery uses the freshest ingredients for a wide variety of offerings. There’s even a candy shop. Before or after dining, enjoy 25,000 square feet of unique shopping at the Shops of Hartville Kitchen. Some finds include gifts, jewelry, handbags, apparel, and more. There’s even something for pets. It’s a unique dining and shopping experience.

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Old Mohawk Restaurant

Welcome to the Old Mohawk Restaurant at German Village in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Open: Tuesday – Saturday from 11am – 10pm, and Sunday & Monday from 11am – 9pm.
  • Location: (Map It) 819 Mohawk St. in Columbus, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-444-7204
  • Web: click here 

The Old Mohawk Restaurant at German Village in Columbus has a history dating back to Prohibition when the owner was said to have raised the turtles for its famous Turtle Soup in the basement. Today, it’s just as popular. It has a wonderfully large horseshoe bar and seating inside and out. The menu is tasty up and down, live music may set the atmosphere, and smiley faces all around tell any passerby that this is an old neighborhood jaunt to sit down and share with friends.

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Pure Imagination Chocolatier

Welcome to Pure Imagination Chocolatier in Columbus.

  • Hours: Tuesday – Friday 9am -7pm; Saturday – 8am – 5pm; Sunday – 12 noon – 5pm
  • Location: (Map It) 59 Spruce St. (in the North Market) in Columbus, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-221-5433
  • Web: click here

The Pure Imagination Chocolatier in Columbus:  The first time I met Dan Cooper, owner/operator of Pure Imagination Chocolatier, he was hand-dipping bits of fruit in chocolate, and I couldn’t resist trying one or two. OK, I tried several, along with some dark chocolate drops, and they were fantastic. How did he do it?

His face lit up as he explained. Freshest cocoa beans. Pure cocoa butter. The highest grade of chocolate. His own secret recipe, heated three times at various temperatures. Then he broke off sheepishly. “Sorry, that’s probably more than you wanted to know. I love to talk about chocolate. I’m a chocolate geek!”

He sure is. He left high school to build a chocolate lab in his basement. He worked three jobs to save money for his business. He spent (rare) days off tracking down secondhand equipment, talking to other chocolatiers, and experimenting. And a decade later, his chocolates are a Columbus treasure.

I love his truffles, especially the Twist My Arm (dark chocolate ganache covered in milk chocolate) and the Mousse Au Chocolat Dark (dark ganache crème covered in dark chocolate), but he also has other goodies, too: buckeyes, cherry bombs, macadamia paws, pecan clusters, chocolate-dipped potato chips… yummy!

Dan does it all himself, from preparing the chocolate to hand-dipping the candies, and  plans to keep it that way. He should probably hire a helper (besides his grandmother, who waits on customers at the shop), but doing it himself insures quality and keeps his recipes secret. And he only wants one shop. “Quality is a solitary calling,” he says. “Pure Imagination will never be a chain.”

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Hoppin’ Frog Brewery & Tasting Room

Admission to the Hoppin’ Frog Brewery & Tasting Room is free. Must be 21 and over.

  • Open:  Mon. 5-10 pm, Tues.-Wed. 3-10 pm, Th.-Fri. 3-11 pm, & Sat. 12 noon-11 pm
  • Location: (Map It) 1680 East Waterloo Road (Route 224) in Akron, Ohio
  • Phone:  330-352-4578
  • Web:  www.HoppinFrog.com

hoppin frog in akronWelcome to the Hoppin’ Frog Brewery & Tasting Room in Akron, Ohio. Rated Ohio’s Best Beer and Best Brewery in 2015 by RateBeer.com, Hoppin’ Frog is the place to be, so stop-by and taste what everyone’s talking about! It has great food and sensational hand-crafted beer.

There’s a lot going on at Hoppin’ Frog, from great beer and food specials, to fun nightly events.  These include Infusion Tower Tuesdays, Meet-The-Brewers and $5-Pint Wednesdays, Vinyl Record Thursdays, Feature Fridays, and New Arrival Saturdays.

The Tasting Room is clean and attractive, and has clean, inviting bar area featuring 24 taps at 3 specific temperatures, for the perfect glass of beer every time.  With half on-tap as Hoppin’ Frog beers, and half on-tap as some of the best beers from around the world, its always a beer-lovers treat.  They also have a rare and guest bottle list to match, with many exclusive Hoppin’ Frog offerings in 22-ounce bottles to drink there or to-go.

The kitchen also makes everything fresh, so it has become very popular – especially for those who want to drink more than one beer.  It is much like the brewery, small but effective, with a focus on the highest quality.  The menu changes with the seasons, and includes fresh daily specials.  Their food is always a welcome compliment to the high quality craft beer being offered, to nicely round-out your Hoppin’ Frog experience.

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Schmidt’s Fudge Haus

Schmidt’s Fudge House is an old-world delight in Columbus’ German Village neighborhood.

  • Open: Daily from 12 – 6pm on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Closes at 7pm on Friday and Saturday, and 3pm on Tuesday
  • Location: (Map It) 220 East Kossuth St. in German Village, Columbus, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-444-2222
  • Web: https://schmidtsfudgehaus.com/

Schmidt’s Fudge House has mastered an old-world technique for making Belgian-inspired fudge! Cooking with Paula Deen named it the fourth-best fudge made in America! After it’s cooked in copper kettles, it is hand-crafted and finished on marble tables. It achieves a sophisticated flavor by combining ingredients like Belgian chocolate, creamy caramel, smooth peanut butter, fluffy marshmallows, walnuts, almonds, and roasted pecans into the mix. It’s so good that celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Adam Richman (Man vs. Food Travel Channel Show) have made special journeys to get a taste of this treat nestled in the brick streets of German Village in Columbus. Their chocolate is also out of this world delicious!

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Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties

Welcoem to Sugardaddy’s  Sumptuous Sweeties in Columbus.

  • Downtown Columbus Location: (Map It) 11 E. Gay Street @ High Street – Hours: Monday – Friday 11am to 6 pm
  • Polaris Area Location: (Map It) 1329 Cameron Avenue @ Cameron Avenue; Lewis Center in Columbus, Ohio – Hours: Monday – Friday 11am to 7pm; Saturday 10am to 4pm
  • Phone: 614-888-4491
  • Web: www.sugardaddys.com

Award-winning Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties®, Purveyors of The Edgeless Brownie®, has redefined the cozy, American classic brownie into a truly luxury dessert indulgence, gifting, and special occasion experience. Sugardaddy’s has extended its fresh-baked luxe brownie and blondies line with Sugardaddy’s Brownie Biscotti, Brownie Truffles, Brownie Cheese Cakes, Brownie Cakes, and Brownie Trifles. Each and every order is hand-made to the customer’s specifications; then hand-cut, hand-packaged, and hand-delivered to ensure the perfect presentation. Equally impressive is that gift-givers can have their gifts “their way” by customizing the flavors and the packaging. Personalized monogramming is also available with Sugardaddy’s Signature Silk Collection and Sugardaddy’s Personalized Petite Totes.

Sugardaddy’s has been named “Best of the Best” by Food Network and crowned winners of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. In addition, Sugardaddy’s has been named “Best Gift” by Instyle, Suite 101.com, FreshTrend.com, StyleBakery.com, BellyduJour.com, and About.com. Sugardaddy’s has been selected as “Editor’s Pick” byChocolatier, Food 411, The Nibble.com, Instyle, Midwest Living, Woman’s Day, Instinct, and Vive. Sugardaddy’s has appeared on such shows as Ellen, The Rachael Ray Show, and Queer Eye and has been featured by The French Culinary Institute’s PastyScoop.com, The Gilded Fork, ABC 9 Bridge Street, and NBC 4 Today/Midday.

Perfect for individual gifting, corporate gifting, and entertaining, Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties® products can be ordered online at sugardaddys.com, by phone at 1.888.4 I WANT 1, or at Sugardaddy’s Retail Store at 1329 Cameron Avenue in Lewis Center, Ohio.

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Schmucker’s Restaurant

A Classic Roadside Diner

(Excerpt from a blog on OhioTraveler.com)

When I first walked into this Toledo roadside diner 25 years ago, it felt like my kind of place. Back from my Army stay in Europe, now in college treating my girlfriend (soon to be wife) to a great bite I could afford, the road leads here. It was 1992. The waitress said it still looked the same as it did when it opened in 1948.

Recently, my wife and I traveled several hours to see one of our kids and our niece attending school in the area. Their school wasn’t in the immediate area, but it was close enough for a road trip to the dear ole diner still frying up memories after all these years.

When we drove around the place hoping to find a parking spot, I asked the ‘kids’, “Whattaya think?”

A deep voice in the backseat said, “As long as it has burgers, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

So it goes.

We snapped a photo to commemorate the old roadside diner with its nondescript faded yellow brick, glass block windows, and neon sign. It still felt right, even after romanticizing it in our minds from back in the day. And, ooh, that smell: a concoction in the air that wafted somewhere between fresh-hand-peeled potatoes and thoughts of grandma’s pie cooling on a windowsill.

It’s funny how a mere scent can trigger a memory. The most memorable thing about Schmucker’s Restaurant, bar none, is the pie! To quote an old saying, the pie “is to-die-for.”

[To-die-for is popular American hyperbole from the 20th Century and means that something is so amazing that it is worth dying for. For example: “Get the pie! The pie is to die for!” – Idiom Origins]

When we went inside, we crammed the doorway with another cluster of folks waiting for a table to be emptied and bused. I hoped it wasn’t the one within arm’s reach because then someone else was sure to be loitering in my space while I ate. So, ya, Schmucker’s Restaurant is …cozy.

But that’s the charm of it. That, and the fact nothing changes inside these walls unlike the ever-changing world outside. The owner’s name is still Schmucker, albeit the grandchild of the founders Harvey and Nola. Heck, even the chrome stools at the wrap-around lunch counter are originals. Once we nestled into our seats, yes, by the door as feared, we became a quaint world unto our own. All was well.

“What’s that ringing?” my niece asked. “It sounds like an old movie.”

In the back corner of the restaurant, a worn, wooden telephone booth has been there since day one. After we heard it several times, we tried to record it but couldn’t quite get it right. So, my niece called the restaurant. We heard and recorded the old-fashioned ringing telephone a couple of times over until our waiter reached inside it and answered, “Schmucker’s…”

My niece panicked and hung up. We later confessed our sin, thinking we’ll make up for it in the tip.

Our waiter was a young fellow with a bright smile. He was everything you’d expect from a family-diner straight out of Yesteryear. He was friendly, helpful, patient, and attentive. But more than that, he was a conversationalist. And that’s the thing about a diner like this. You learn about not just the place itself, but the community it serves.

“Hold that thought,” he said to us as he backed away to seat some newcomers. Several minutes later he returned to pick up the conversation almost in the mid-sentence he pardoned himself from.

“Whattaya have?”

My son ordered up the Wimpy Burger Platter. I asked if he knew who Wimpy was. Of course, he didn’t. I don’t even know if he knows Popeye (outside of the chicken chain).

I couldn’t resist. I blurted out the catchphrase from the early-era television cartoon, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Blank faces. Crickets. … “Is this a dad joke or something?”

[“A dad joke is a short joke, typically a pun, presented as a one-liner or a question and answer, but not a narrative. Generally inoffensive, dad jokes are stereotypically told with sincere humorous intent, or to intentionally provoke a negative reaction to its overly simplistic humor. Many dad jokes may be considered anti-jokes, deriving humor from an intentionally unfunny punchline.” – Wikipedia]

Perusing the menu, it was hard to make a decision between meals that had side notes like, “Just the way Mom makes it on Sundays.” Or, “Grandma Schmucker’s secret recipe since 1948.”

“Hot Roast Beef” seemed like such a staple comfort food for an old-time roadside diner experience. But then again “Fresh Perch” considering our proximity to a Great Lake was alluring, too. The menu had everything you may imagine for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast! I was usually the quick and decisive one to order but I seemed to be channeling my wife … “Uh, I’m sorry, can you come back to me?”

So, with a homestyle dinner, fresh garden salad, homemade soup of the day (Nola’s recipe), and an old-fashioned strawberry soda (they also had chocolate and cherry), I wondered if I’d be able to save room for pie.

Then I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I had to decide on one of Nola’s 54 pie recipes.

By Frank Rocco Satullo, The OhioTraveler, Your Tour Guide to Fun 

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Jake’s On Lake

Welcome to Jake’s On Lake in Avon Lake.

Jake’s On Lake  is located in Avon Lake, Ohio between Cleveland and the Lake Erie Islands. It has become favorite eatery and tavern for fishermen and travelers along Route 6, known locally as Lake Road.

This stretch of road was once the main thoroughfare connecting Northeast Ohio to Northwest Ohio before I-90 was introduced, but still serves many today – especially fishermen and those looking for a beautiful scenic drive along the “old shore way.”

It’s a rustic old roadside diner and tavern, beholds an atmosphere fitting for its lakeside location (although the view of the lake is obstructed by the homes built along the north-side of the road). The menu features American favorites and the delicious burgers, cooked medium-rare – half pound with mushrooms and grilled onions.

The building was formerly a Victorian farmhouse, a grocery and various taverns.

If you have the opportunity to travel along Route 6 or can afford a quick three-mile detour off I-90 at the Avon Lake exit, stop in at Jake’s On Lake for a taste of North Coast dining. For hours, directions and further information, call 440.933.9730.

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Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl

Welcome to Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville.

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville has been serving satisfaction for more than 70 years.

‟At Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl, we only serve the freshest old-fashioned foods.”

Their sundaes are legendary. And all of their ice cream and comfort foods are the stuff cravings are meant for. Whether you come for burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, soups, nuts, chocolates, or a variety of delicious ice cream, you’ll be back.

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Lady Charlton’s Tea Parlour

Welcome to Lady Charlton’s  Tea Parlour in Willoughby.

  • Open: Tuesday – Friday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sundays Closed
  • Location: (Map It) 4128 Erie Street, Willoughby, Ohio
  • Phone: 440-269-8380

Lady Charlton’s Tea Parlour, decorated in fine Victorian style, is located in the heart of historic downtown Willoughby. Surrounded by antique shops, gift boutiques, pubs, and coffee bars, it provides a perfect place for shoppers and local business folks of both genders and all ages to relax for a few minutes with a soothing cup of tea or a bite to eat before charging back into the fray. They serve light lunches as well as an afternoon tea, and tea lovers can choose their favorite from a long list of offerings.

At the front of the shop a small gift shop offers dainty gifts, jewelry, books and magazines, stationery, china tea ware, tea paraphernalia, and 45 varieties of bulk tea, all arranged in attractive display cases.  Stop in and say hi to co-owners Carol Clark and Janet Dell and have some tea. You’ll be glad you did!

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Velvet Ice Cream & Ye Olde Mill

Welcome to Velvet Ice Cream at Ye Olde Mill, home to the  Velvet Ice Cream Company in Utica, Ohio.

  • Open: Tuesday – Sunday from  11am – 7pm*  (Kitchen closes at 6pm). *Hours may change into the fall months. Check the website below for the most up-to-date hours of operation.
  • Location: (Map It) 11324 Mt. Vernon Rd. in Utica, Ohio
  • Phone: 800-589-5000 
  • Web: click here

Ye Olde Mill, home to Velvet Ice Cream, in Utica, Ohio was originally built in 1817 and has been the home of Velvet Ice Cream since 1970. It sits on 20 acres of picturesque land in Licking County and features a catch and release fishing pond, playgrounds, and a Buckeye Tree grove.

Each year the Mill serves up good eats and sweet treats for 150,000 visitors from all over the country in a turn of the century ice cream parlor and restaurant. Ye Olde Mill is also is home to a gift shop and Ohio’s only ice cream museum. It is the perfect destination for a day trip or to celebrate weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, and more.

The restaurant can accommodate large groups for any occasion. For group reservations, contact Guest Relations at 800-589-5000.

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The Spot Restaurant

Welcome to The Spot Restaurant in Sidney, Ohio.

  • Open: Monday – Saturday 7:00am to 9:00pm / Sunday 8:00am to 9:00pm (closes at 8pm from November 1 – March 31)
  • Location: (Map It) 201 South Ohio Street in Sidney, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-492-9181

The Spot Restaurant in Sidney:  Ohio is dotted with small towns known for cruising back in the day. But after your tank got low, there was only one place to go – THAT eatery.

Well in Sidney, Ohio, THAT eatery was THE SPOT both figuratively and literally. The Spot Restaurant started as a chuckwagon more than 100 years ago. It still serves up some of the tastiest cheeseburgers around.

“It was fun going there after school and getting frosties and cokes and playing the jukebox,” says Shirley (Clinehens) Ashabranner’s posting on thespottoeat.com. “I would save enough for my favorite cheeseburger. It came wrapped in a square of paper that said a hamburger from the Spot, with a pickle on top, makes your heart go flippity flop!”

If you ever yearned to visit the fictional Arnolds in the Happy Days TV show, the Spot Restaurant is as close as you can come. Even President George W. Bush stopped for a bite last time he was in Sidney, Ohio.

Spot Miller wheeled his chuckwagon into town in 1907 but Sidney officials restricted selling meals from the mobile eatery so Spot Miller kicked the wheels off and became a permanent fixture in town for generations to come, cooking up memories for all.

New owners bought the place from Spot Miller and had a grand vision of popping up in many spots across Ohio and beyond. The chain, Spot to Eat, opened in Athens, Urbana, Lima, Piqua, and Bellefontaine. Eventually, they all disappeared and only one SPOT exists today, the original!

Along the way, a more permanent building was built. Fire in the early 1940s resulted in the exterior design seen today, including the neon sign hanging over the front door with the Spot trademark. Inside, the last renovation was 1976. In the 1950s, the restaurant started a catering business that continues today.

The best memories shared of the best dishes served at The Spot Restaurant almost always include the tenderloin sandwich and old-fashioned cream pie!

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Little Italy’s Mama Santa’s Restaurant & Presti’s Bakery

Mama-SantaWelcome to Cleveland Little Italy’s favorite restaurant and bakery: Mama Santa’s Restaurant & Presti’s Bakery.

Having explored Ohio for years, covering the roads less traveled, I get hungry. Any road warrior knows that discovering something mm-mmm good is a big part of the traveling experience.

I’ve also spent a few years in Europe and traveled to Italy from top to bottom, big cities, small villages, and an island. To boot, my surname is Sicilian. I’m somewhat qualified to identify a good pizza pie and cannoli.

I grew up in the Cleveland area, and my grandparents’ houses were near downtown. Over the years, I have made more than a few trips to Murray Hill, known as Cleveland’s Little Italy. Although festivals there are wonderful, I enjoy the laid-back days when the pavement is cooler, and the crowds are thin enough not to get bumped from the sidewalks.

Much like overseas in the old country, parking is not easily found. You will have to walk. Trust me. That’s a blessing. Many people refer to Little Italy and other ethnic neighborhoods as a cultural experience. Not me. A real neighborhood has its personality!

I love the food, the art, the shops, and the people around Murray Hill. The conversation is lively, and the laughter is hearty. The stroll on foot from shop to shop is full of sights that make you feel a part of something outside your normal world.

But at some point, you need a bite to eat. And if you like pizza, try Mama Santa’s Restaurant for the best darn pizza in Ohio. For dessert, walk down the street to Presti’s Bakery for the best darn cannoli in Ohio. I’ll even go further and say that these two are even better than anything I had in the mother country.

Mama Santa’s reminds me of the little eateries I’d grab a bite at off the beaten path in Italy. It’s cozy. Nobody is in a hurry. Relax. Stay a while and engage in conversation over some soft drinks or beer and a tangy pizza that is chewy and crisp at the same time. Oh, and the price is shockingly economical and may not seem fair …to the merchant… considering your taste buds will continue to explode with flavor with each lick of the corners of your mouth after the pie is gone.

If you have fancy-schmancy tastes, go elsewhere. Mama Santa’s is reserved for people who enjoy the little things in life. If you haven’t been there in umpteen years, no worries, it’s probably exactly as you remember it, right down to the music serenading off the walls.

After a bite like that, you need to walk it off. And there’s plenty to see, do, and buy on Mayfield Road and Murray Hill. Browse the art galleries and specialty shops for Italian pottery, jewelry, designer clothes, or dresses.

prestis-bakeryEventually, your nose will take over your internal GPS and lead you to Presti’s Bakery. They have just about any Italian dessert under the sun and coffee to chase it. They also serve deli sandwiches and breads. But the creamy ricotta-filled cannoli is as they say, “to die for.” And it’s been that way for more than 100 years.

Inside, it is always hopping with people that can’t get enough. Take-out boxes hang over table edges with all walks of life chatting and laughing while they sample their purchases. The large glass front window lets light pour over the blond wood floors.

After an enjoyable, slow-paced, conversation-rich, appetizing afternoon in Cleveland’s Little Italy atop Murray Hill, it’s time to find that precious parking spot a casual walk away and reenter the modern world and its hustle and bustle – all the while yearning for a return before even leaving.

Click here for more information to plan a visit to Murray Hill. Mama Santa’s Restaurant is located at 12305 Mayfield Road in Cleveland, OH 44106 (Map It). Call (216) 421-2159. Presti’s Bakery & Café is located at 12101 Mayfield Road in Cleveland, OH  44106 (Map It). Phone (216) 421-3060.

By the taste buds of Frank R. Satullo, the OhioTraveler

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Wendy’s Flagship Restaurant

Admission to Wendy’s Flagship Restaurant in Dublin, Ohio is free.

  • Open: 9 am – 10 pm, daily
  • Address: (Map It) 4555 W Dublin Granville Rd. in Dublin, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-799-2347
  • Website: click here

Wendy’s Flagship Restaurant in Dublin, Ohio is a must-see for any traveler. On top of quality food, this store has the latest design and technology and is located right across the street from Wendy’s headquarters.

Visit the Community Room where you will find historical items such as the original Wendy’s uniform and ad campaigns from throughout the years. The community room also features Dave Thomas memorabilia including the 1996 Olympic torch he carried through Dublin and the $105,000 Waterford Crystal Hamburger.

Whether you walk in or drive-thru you will be greeted by a life-size bronze statue of Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas.

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Mapleside Farms

Welcome to Mapleside Farms in Brunswick.

Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio:  Featuring a farm market & bakery, banquet facilities, group catering, gift shop, and Ice Cream Parlor, this is a unique destination. The rustic multi-leveled building overlooks the 100-acre apple farm. Over 20 varieties of fresh-picked apples can be purchased in the Farm Market & Bakery, along with pies, strudel, pastries, apple cider, and more. The Butcher Shop features over 300 kinds of homemade sausage, hand-cut steaks, chicken, and pork. You’ll find unique home decor and gift items in the Gift Shop. The Ice Cream Parlor is open April through October and offers 20 flavors of homemade ice cream and 14 delicious flavors of frozen yogurt. In the Fall, you can experience fun on the farm with a three-acre corn maze, pick your pumpkins, apples, and horse-drawn wagon rides through the orchards. Special events are scheduled throughout the year. Open year-round. Closed Mondays.

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Tony Packo’s Cafe

Welcome to Tony Packo’s Café in Toledo.

  • Open: Monday-Thursday 11a.m.-10p.m., Friday-Saturday 11a.m.-11p.m., Sunday Noon-9p.m.
  • Location: (Map It) 1902 Front Street, Toledo, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-691-6054
  • Web: www.tonypacko.com/index.php

Tony Packo’s Café in Toledo, Ohio:  Tony’s offers a famous sausage-and-sauce sandwich that was a product of the Great Depression when Tony opened the restaurant.  The recipe is an original of Tony’s that he developed through experimentation in his kitchen.  It remains a closely guarded family secret.  Tony’s offers a variety of appetizers, chilies and soups, dinners, and desserts.  Much of the menu contains chili and peppers in some sort of combination.  The restaurant become famous during the airing of the show M.A.S.H. when Corporal Max Klinger, played by an actual Toledo native, was speaking of is home town Toledo and mentioned that Tony Packo’s had the best Hungarian hotdogs in the country.  That event catapulted the restaurant to new levels and it now thrives in the Toledo area and has opened several other stores.

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Rego’s Brickhouse Pizza


Welcome to Rego’s Brickhouse Pizza

  • Open: Monday-Thursday 11:00am-9:00pm, Friday & Saturday 11:00am-10:00pm, and Sunday 1:00pm-8:00pm
  • Location: (Map It) 326 New 4th St. in Fairport Harbor, Ohio
  • Phone: 440-853-8346

Rego’s Brickhouse Pizza is a small, family-owned restaurant in the quaint waterfront village of Fairport Harbor. It’s here, on the corner of New Fourth Street, that pizza is made the old-fashioned way, every single day. It all begins with a brick of yeast and then the dough is hand rolled. It’s then covered in a simmering Italian sauce that is also made fresh daily. The ingredients are purchased from the local market and even the mozzarella is grated fresh daily.

Nothing beats homemade, and that rings true for the rest of the menu items as well, including soups, salads, and of course, meatballs and sausage. Rego’s has become well known for their Family Pasta Meals, offered Mondays and Tuesdays for dine in customers. They also offer unique heart shaped pizzas, which can be ordered any day of the week.

Rego’s Brickhouse Pizza is situated off the beaten path in the center of a residential neighborhood. It offers free delivery anywhere in town, and extends that service to five neighboring communities, and to the myriad marinas along the Grand River. They even deliver to the beach at Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park. Rego’s Brickhouse Pizza is named after the original Brickhouse Pizza that owner David Rego started in Whittier, California.

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Scott’s Diner

Welcome to Scott’s Diner in New Concord, Ohio

  • Open: Wednesday – Sunday from 9am – 2pm
  • Location: (Map It) 41 E. Main St. in New Concord, Ohio
  • Phone: 740-801-1730
  • Web: https://scottsdiner.com/

Scott’s Diner in New Concord is a traditional diner with a contemporary twist. They serve the diner staples, which include breakfast selections all day and lunch favs. The twist is that they specialize in fresh ingredients, unique menu items, and modern plate presentations. They have several mentions as The Best Diner in Ohio according to Eat This, Not That!, Yelp, and others. But what stands out, along with its delicious offerings, is the friendly and well-staffed service in a cozy dining room.

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Swensons Drive In

Welcome to Swensons Drive In located at seven sites in Greater Akron, Ohio.

Swehttp://swensonsdriveins.com/nsons Drive-In Restaurants in Greater Akron, Ohio: Business Insider named it the 21st best burger joint in America. It’s no wonder this historic regional fast-food chain is a favorite in Northeast Ohio. It features about 20 different milkshakes and its signature, Galley Boy, double-cheese burger with two secret sauces topped with an olive. Wesley T. “Pop” Swenson started the first Swensons Drive In in 1934. Stop in this old-fashioned drive-in restaurant for a taste of the past. Just park, leave your lights on and a car hop will take and deliver your order to you at your car window.

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