Big Ed’s Soda Grill

Welcome to Big Ed’s Soda Grill in Vermilion.

  • Open: Year-round
  • Location: (Map It) 5502 Liberty Avenue in Vermilion, Ohio
  • Phone: 440-963-9413
  • Web: click here

Big Ed’s Soda Grill in Vermilion is a vintage 1930s restaurant & soda fountain. It is housed in a building dating to 1892 and was originally a dry goods store. Whether you’re traveling Route 6 along the Lake Erie coast or making a special trip to experience Big Ed’s (and the lighthouse and beach a skipping stone away), be sure to make this iconic stop. Click here to read more.

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Kewpee Hamburgers


Welcome to Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima, Ohio.

  • Open: Mon – Sat from 5:30 am – 10 pm and Sun 7am – 10pm
  • Location: (Map It) Three locations in Lima, Ohio at 111 N. Elizabeth St. / 1350 Bellefontaine Ave. / 2111 Allentown Rd.
  • Phone: 419-228-1778 (N. Elizabeth St.) / 419-229-1385 (Bellefontaine Ave) / 419-227-9791 (Allentown Rd.)

Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima, Ohio: Known as America’s second burger chain and first with curbside service, Kewpee Hamburgers began at Kewpee Hotels in Michigan. Lima, Ohio has some of its last establishments around and they are going strong. And with its beef locally raised, this historic eatery is as popular as ever.

Maybe you’ve heard of their jingle, “Hamburger pickle on top, makes your heart go flippity-flop.”

Perhaps more memorable than the slogan is the nude Kewpee doll mascot (originally from the once popular Kewpie Dolls). Anyway, there’s a large one that makes for great photo ops when you visit.

The Loch – Chattan Loch Bistro & Pub

Welcome to The Loch – Chattan Loch Bistro & Pub – in Bellefontaine.

  • Open for Lunch Monday through Friday 11 AM-2PM; Dinner Wednesday & Thursday 5 PM – 9 PM and Friday & Saturday 5 PM – 10 PM
  • Location: (Map It) 212 East Columbus Avenue, Bellefontaine, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-592-2696

The Loch aka Chattan Loch Bistro & Public House is a casual dining experience in the heart of downtown Bellefontaine. We feature an expansive menu, including steaks, seafood, chops, and our ever-popular burgers and fish! Guests may enjoy our Wing Wednesday specials, which includes $0.49 wings and $1 domestic beers, as well as $5 burger & fries Thursdays. Beginning in August, we will be featuring live music, including bands, that are sure to please a variety of crowds! The Loch is your place for great food and fun!

Put-In-Bay Restaurants

Popular Put-In-Bay Restaurants featuring the Round House Bar, Boathouse Bar and Grill, Chicken Patio, Pasquale’s Café and Chocolate Cafe & Museum.

Boathouse Bar and Grill

  •  Open daily mid-April through October from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.
  • Location: (Map It) Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-285-5665
  • Web: click here

The Boathouse is located in the heart of downtown serving lunch and dinner in a casual atmosphere.  The Boathouse is known for its excellent perch, walleye and homemade walleye chowder.  Unwind in the evenings with daily entertainment.  Call for the latest entertainment schedule and special events taking place.  Most Saturdays offer entertainment throughout the day. 

Chicken Patio

  • Open daily May – October at 11:00 a.m. closing time depends on the weather and time of season
  • Location: (Map It) 60 Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-285-4595

The Chicken Patio is open and is located in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay next to the Round House Bar. Enjoy a wine basted barbecue chicken dinner on our outside patio or inside the Park Hotel.  Enjoy a cold drink from our antique Peanut Wagon.

Chocolate Cafe & Museum

  • Open daily May thru September 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • Location: (Map It) 820 Catawba Ave in Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-285-2268
  • Web: Click here

For those who have a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Museum in Put-in-Bay is the perfect place for you to get your chocolate fix. Customers can go to the Put-in-Bay store or choose from and order from a selection of chocolate treats online. ‘Chocolate Ohio’ has several delicious attractions and goodies. Over fifty sugary treats are available to purchase, as well as fresh roasted coffee and ice cream from a hand-made Gelato or soft serve cones in 32 flavor choices. Explore and sample from 100 different kinds of chocolate. Not only do they offer a nibble to eat, but the staff also provides live entertainment by “chocolate shows” at requested venues and a portion of the profits go directly the selected venue. Not sweet enough? Explore Chocolate Ohio’s chocolate museum and learn about the history and observe antique chocolate collectibles.

Pasquale’s Café

  • Open daily from mid April through October 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. 
  • Location: (Map It) 234 Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-285-8600 
  • Web:

Pasquale’s Café is located in the heart of downtown next to the Park Hotel.  Featuring Italian Cruisine, Pasquale’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Pasquale’s offers a nice wine selection to go with your dinner.

Round House Bar

  • Open daily from mid April thru the end of October from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. 
  • Location: (Map It) Delaware Avenue in Put-in-Bay, Ohio 
  • Phone: 419-285-2323 
  • Web:

The Round House is located in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay.  Enjoy live music daily at this historical Put-in-Bay landmark.  Call for the latest entertainment schedule and special events taking place. 

Schmucker’s Restaurant

A Classic Roadside Diner

(Excerpt from a blog on

When I first walked into this Toledo roadside diner 25 years ago, it felt like my kind of place. Back from my Army stay in Europe, now in college treating my girlfriend (soon to be wife) to a great bite I could afford, the road leads here. It was 1992. The waitress said it still looked the same as it did when it opened in 1948.

Recently, my wife and I traveled several hours to see one of our kids and our niece attending school in the area. Their school wasn’t in the immediate area, but it was close enough for a road trip to the dear ole diner still frying up memories after all these years.

When we drove around the place hoping to find a parking spot, I asked the ‘kids’, “Whattaya think?”

A deep voice in the backseat said, “As long as it has burgers, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

So it goes.

We snapped a photo to commemorate the old roadside diner with its nondescript faded yellow brick, glass block windows, and neon sign. It still felt right, even after romanticizing it in our minds from back in the day. And, ooh, that smell: a concoction in the air that wafted somewhere between fresh-hand-peeled potatoes and thoughts of grandma’s pie cooling on a windowsill.

It’s funny how a mere scent can trigger a memory. The most memorable thing about Schmucker’s Restaurant, bar none, is the pie! To quote an old saying, the pie “is to-die-for.”

[To-die-for is popular American hyperbole from the 20th Century and means that something is so amazing that it is worth dying for. For example: “Get the pie! The pie is to die for!” – Idiom Origins]

When we went inside, we crammed the doorway with another cluster of folks waiting for a table to be emptied and bused. I hoped it wasn’t the one within arm’s reach because then someone else was sure to be loitering in my space while I ate. So, ya, Schmucker’s Restaurant is …cozy.

But that’s the charm of it. That, and the fact nothing changes inside these walls unlike the ever-changing world outside. The owner’s name is still Schmucker, albeit the grandchild of the founders Harvey and Nola. Heck, even the chrome stools at the wrap-around lunch counter are originals. Once we nestled into our seats, yes, by the door as feared, we became a quaint world unto our own. All was well.

“What’s that ringing?” my niece asked. “It sounds like an old movie.”

In the back corner of the restaurant, a worn, wooden telephone booth has been there since day one. After we heard it several times, we tried to record it but couldn’t quite get it right. So, my niece called the restaurant. We heard and recorded the old-fashioned ringing telephone a couple of times over until our waiter reached inside it and answered, “Schmucker’s…”

My niece panicked and hung up. We later confessed our sin, thinking we’ll make up for it in the tip.

Our waiter was a young fellow with a bright smile. He was everything you’d expect from a family-diner straight out of Yesteryear. He was friendly, helpful, patient, and attentive. But more than that, he was a conversationalist. And that’s the thing about a diner like this. You learn about not just the place itself, but the community it serves.

“Hold that thought,” he said to us as he backed away to seat some newcomers. Several minutes later he returned to pick up the conversation almost in the mid-sentence he pardoned himself from.

“Whattaya have?”

My son ordered up the Wimpy Burger Platter. I asked if he knew who Wimpy was. Of course, he didn’t. I don’t even know if he knows Popeye (outside of the chicken chain).

I couldn’t resist. I blurted out the catchphrase from the early-era television cartoon, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Blank faces. Crickets. … “Is this a dad joke or something?”

[“A dad joke is a short joke, typically a pun, presented as a one-liner or a question and answer, but not a narrative. Generally inoffensive, dad jokes are stereotypically told with sincere humorous intent, or to intentionally provoke a negative reaction to its overly simplistic humor. Many dad jokes may be considered anti-jokes, deriving humor from an intentionally unfunny punchline.” – Wikipedia]

Perusing the menu, it was hard to make a decision between meals that had side notes like, “Just the way Mom makes it on Sundays.” Or, “Grandma Schmucker’s secret recipe since 1948.”

“Hot Roast Beef” seemed like such a staple comfort food for an old-time roadside diner experience. But then again “Fresh Perch” considering our proximity to a Great Lake was alluring, too. The menu had everything you may imagine for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast! I was usually the quick and decisive one to order but I seemed to be channeling my wife … “Uh, I’m sorry, can you come back to me?”

So, with a homestyle dinner, fresh garden salad, homemade soup of the day (Nola’s recipe), and an old-fashioned strawberry soda (they also had chocolate and cherry), I wondered if I’d be able to save room for pie.

Then I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I had to decide on one of Nola’s 54 pie recipes.

By Frank Rocco Satullo, The OhioTraveler, Your Tour Guide to Fun 

The Spot Restaurant

Welcome to The Spot Restaurant in Sidney, Ohio.

  • Open: Monday – Saturday 7:00am to 9:00pm / Sunday 8:00am to 9:00pm (closes at 8pm from November 1 – March 31)
  • Location: (Map It) 201 South Ohio Street in Sidney, Ohio
  • Phone: 937-492-9181

The Spot Restaurant in Sidney:  Ohio is dotted with small towns known for cruising back in the day. But after your tank got low, there was only one place to go – THAT eatery.

Well in Sidney, Ohio, THAT eatery was THE SPOT both figuratively and literally. The Spot Restaurant started as a chuckwagon more than 100 years ago. It still serves up some of the tastiest cheeseburgers around.

“It was fun going there after school and getting frosties and cokes and playing the jukebox,” says Shirley (Clinehens) Ashabranner’s posting on “I would save enough for my favorite cheeseburger. It came wrapped in a square of paper that said a hamburger from the Spot, with a pickle on top, makes your heart go flippity flop!”

If you ever yearned to visit the fictional Arnolds in the Happy Days TV show, the Spot Restaurant is as close as you can come. Even President George W. Bush stopped for a bite last time he was in Sidney, Ohio.

Spot Miller wheeled his chuckwagon into town in 1907 but Sidney officials restricted selling meals from the mobile eatery so Spot Miller kicked the wheels off and became a permanent fixture in town for generations to come, cooking up memories for all.

New owners bought the place from Spot Miller and had a grand vision of popping up in many spots across Ohio and beyond. The chain, Spot to Eat, opened in Athens, Urbana, Lima, Piqua, and Bellefontaine. Eventually, they all disappeared and only one SPOT exists today, the original!

Along the way, a more permanent building was built. Fire in the early 1940s resulted in the exterior design seen today, including the neon sign hanging over the front door with the Spot trademark. Inside, the last renovation was 1976. In the 1950s, the restaurant started a catering business that continues today.

The best memories shared of the best dishes served at The Spot Restaurant almost always include the tenderloin sandwich and old-fashioned cream pie!

Tony Packo’s Cafe

Welcome to Tony Packo’s Café in Toledo.

  • Open: Monday-Thursday 11a.m.-10p.m., Friday-Saturday 11a.m.-11p.m., Sunday Noon-9p.m.
  • Location: (Map It) 1902 Front Street, Toledo, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-691-6054
  • Web:

Tony Packo’s Café in Toledo, Ohio:  Tony’s offers a famous sausage-and-sauce sandwich that was a product of the Great Depression when Tony opened the restaurant.  The recipe is an original of Tony’s that he developed through experimentation in his kitchen.  It remains a closely guarded family secret.  Tony’s offers a variety of appetizers, chilies and soups, dinners, and desserts.  Much of the menu contains chili and peppers in some sort of combination.  The restaurant become famous during the airing of the show M.A.S.H. when Corporal Max Klinger, played by an actual Toledo native, was speaking of is home town Toledo and mentioned that Tony Packo’s had the best Hungarian hotdogs in the country.  That event catapulted the restaurant to new levels and it now thrives in the Toledo area and has opened several other stores.

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