Schoenbrunn Village’s Sleepy Hollow

Based on the Washington Irving’s beloved classic,
the performance comes alive by the glow of the bonfire

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Historic Schoenbrunn Village invites visitors to enjoy a lively retelling of the famous Washington Irving short story by the glow of a bonfire on the lower level of Historic Schoenbrunn Village.

Travel to that not so sleepy, Sleepy Hollow and meet Ichabod Crane, Baltus and Katrina Van Tassel, Brom Bones and the rest of the eccentric Townspeople. While Ichabod courts the lovely Katrina, tensions rise between Ichabod and Brom.  Ichabod suddenly disappears and the only thing that still remains is a smashed pumpkin and his hat. The local legend goes that his head was taken by the Headless Horseman one spooky night.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a family-friendly event. Guests begin the night at the Historic Schoenbrunn Village Museum and Gift Shop, and then guides lead the groups by lantern light to the performance area.

Tamara Benson, director, is excited for opening night.  “Three years ago Steve Long entrusted his production of Sleepy Hollow to me and it has been an immense pleasure bringing his vision to life,” she notes. “You’ll see some old and new friends around the fire this year as we tell stories and celebrate fall.”

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Just remember to watch where you are going and don’t lose your head!

Historic Schoenbrunn Village was founded in 1772 as a Moravian mission among the Delaware Indians. With founder and missionary David Zeisberger, Ohio’s first settlement reached one hundred cabins and three hundred inhabitants. Today, sixteen reconstructed cabins are available to tour. Historic Schoenbrunn Village’s last day of its 2018 regular tour season is October 28. Special events include Spring and Autumn Lantern Tours, Children’s Day, Frontier Skills, Simple Songs, Stories & Games, Colonial Trade Faire, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and a traditional Moravian Sunrise Service for Easter and Lovefeast.

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