Shadowbox Live

shadowbox-sketch-comedyWelcome to Shadowbox Live in Columbus, Ohio.

Excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler Magazine by Frank R. Satullo

What did I get myself roped into? Sitting at a table with friends and strangers, our waitress asked loudly, “Are you a virgin?” I looked desperately at my wife for help but she sank into her chair and gazed away.

“ATTENTION EVERYONE, I HAVE A TABLE OVER HERE WITH THREE VIRGINS!” The waiter at the next table shouted for all to hear.

I asked my friend, “What the heck do they do to virgins?” He chuckled and said to relax and enjoy the show. And I did.

Shadowbox Live is a unique blend of comedy, theater, live rock and roll, full bar and bistro. It is located in Columbus, Ohio.

When we entered, we were greeted by Stacie Boord. At first, I didn’t pay any mind except to note that she was very friendly and welcoming. She made our group feel her energy become our own. Energy is the operative word here because EVERYONE at Shadowbox has an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. If you read Stacie’s job titles (yes, plural) written in the program ($1 and well worth it I may add) it says she is a singer, dancer, actress, chief vocal instructor, comedy director, choreographer, community relations director, company events sales consultant, fundraiser, creative team member and general manager.

Stacie is the one who called to offer my friend discounted tickets because they pulled his business card, she greeted us at the door, and she would later, sing, act, and dance and …I’m getting tired thinking of the list that goes on.

She is no different from anyone and everyone else working at Shadowbox. A common job description includes marketing, acting, waiting, singing, administrative work and dancing.

Our waitress returned to take orders and said she won’t be back until intermission, so stock up now with all the food we’ll want plus a bucket of drinks on ice. That’s because she would soon be on stage along with the rest of the wait staff belting out classic rock songs or jamming on guitar while taking turns making us laugh by acting in the outrageous and original sketch comedy acts between sets.

So we sat back at our table, ate some tasty food, laughed with friends and strangers, dipped into the ice bucket and took in the high energy, fast pace, intimate setting waiting for the show to begin. The intimate quarters in this environment worked right into the ambience and mood. We were ready for the show.


What a performance right out of the box. Stand any of these people toe-to-toe with your favorite American Idol contestants and it’s no contest. Not only can these boys and girls deliver pitch perfect arousing vocals, they do it with style, edgy and hip!

Then, silence. The lead singer and a couple musicians soon disappear and reappear in costume to join other actors in an original comedy sketch just underway on the other half of the stage. Saturday Night Live eat-your-heart-out!

At intermission we realized we under ordered and fixed our mistake just in time to kick back and enjoy the second half of the hybrid show that never ceased to amaze.

When the show was over, we were in great spirits talking about our favorite musical performances and comedy sketches. Heck, even the popcorn left an impression.

But that’s not all.

Shadowbox also does an abbreviated lunchtime show, full-fledged musicals and rock operas, and community workshops for professionals. Shadowbox, The Sketch Comedy and Rock ‘n’ Roll Club, is an artist owned and operated not-for-profit organization.

The next time you can’t decide whether to go to a night club, theater, concert or comedy club, stop wavering and do-it-all at Shadowbox Live.

By the way, earlier I mentioned my alarm at being called a virgin for all to hear and my friend merely saying to relax and enjoy the show. Well, let me say that I later realized his comment really didn’t address my concern. And I’m not about to ruin the suspense.

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