Speakeasy in Bucyrus

Welcome to the Bucyrus Speakeasy: Groups of 35 are required to put on a show in this authentic old speak easy from Prohibition days.

  • Location: Bucyrus, Ohio
  • Phone: 419-562-0720 or 1-866-562-0720

speakeasy1The Speakeasy in Bucyrus, Ohio is the underground location where famous Mob Boss Al Capone and his cronies were known to hangout while in town.

The hotel was built in 1916 and was named the Highway Hotel. During the 1920’s it was a popular spot for gangsters traveling from Chicago to New York and return trip.  At that time there were tunnels under the city of Bucyrus and the tunnel in the Speak Easy still exists (Other tunnels have been replaced by modern basements, etc. due to new construction, etc). The area was called the Highway Grill; Late 1930’s it was a Rathskeller and then the area was closed until renovation and reopening of the historic Speak Easy was completed in 2003. Everything is now just as it was in the 1920’s.  The woodwork, tables, etc. are original.  The elevator is still the original and is hand operated. A play has been written based on history, facts of the era, singing, dancing, gangsters, and just bringing the 1920’s alive. The production is by local all-volunteer talent. A minimum of 35 persons is required for the production. There are two shows available for tour groups…30 minute and a one-hour length show.  Call to schedule a show for your group or attend one of four Speakeasy : Valentine Show & Dinner, Mother’s Day Show & Dinner, Bratwurst Festival Show, and Holiday Show & Dinner . The Speak Easy opportunities are available by contacting the Bucyrus Tourism & Visitors Bureau, 301 South Sandusky Avenue, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820; 419-562-0720; 1-866-562-0720. email – info@visitbucyrus.com or check out www.visitbucyrus.com.