Atwood Lake Vacations

Enjoy Outdoor Fun & Small Town Charm

Summertime and Atwood Lake have combined to bring families, friends, and blossoming romances an escape that will one day beckon a grin and the question: “Remember when…?”

Every visitor leaves as a storyteller, whether they are a kid, teen, young adult, parent, or grandparent. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been here once or dozens of times; the world just seems to brighten up. Along these shores, there doesn’t seem to be a worry in the world. The only pressure here is in a beach ball.

Activities on the water, in the water, or next to the water are just a few of the attractions. Whether it’s boating, fishing, swimming, dining, wine tasting, shopping, touring, or sleeping, the possibilities are as endless as the pebbles of sand at the beach. …Click here to read the full story.



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