Spooky Ranch at Rockin R Ranch

spooky-ranchAdmission to Spooky Ranch at Rockin R Ranch is approx.  $25/person.

  • When: Weekends in October – Fridays & Saturdays 7 pm-11:30 pm and Thursdays & Sundays 7 pm-9:30 pm
  • Location: (Map It) Rockin’-R-Ranch is at 19066 East River Rd (SR 252) in Columbia Station, Ohio
  • Phone: 440-236-5454
  • Web Site: www.spookyranch.com

Spooky Ranch at Rockin R Ranch, Cleveland’s premier haunted event in Columbia Station, Ohio, has recently been awarded the 25th top haunted house in the country! Over 20 plus years of screams and appealing to the masses. The Disney of haunted attractions in Cleveland. Spooky Ranch is most known for its Famous Haunted Hayride. “You will scream, laugh, and be amazed, leaving you entertained. ” Not your Ordinary boring hayride.” There is terror and suspense at every turn.” A Hollywood theatrical production with scenes, sets, and special effects seen nowhere else in the world. There’s a Thirty-foot tall fire-breathing creature, 18-foot wingspan animated monsters, monsters that pick up the whole wagon & shake it!!  Extreme Nightmares Haunted House is Ohio’s most extreme haunted house and takes haunt seekers to another level of terror and screams. Crazy Clowns in 3D Haunted House -Experience the psychedelic, haunted, crazy adventure wearing 3D glasses. 3D is the new generation of entertainment with crisp, bright, ultra-realistic images. Imagine monsters and clowns so lifelike you stepped inside a scary movie or video game. Await the anticipation of crazed, psycho, frightful clowns.

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