Spot Burger

The Spot Burger in Sidney, Ohio will definitely hit the spot. It’s no wonder people take road trips to Sidney for one of the tastiest burgers in a setting that is authentic and nostalgic.

The Spot Restaurant started as a chuckwagon more than 100 years ago. Its cheeseburgers have left ear-to-ear grins on happy customer faces generation after generation. Spot Miller wheeled his chuckwagon into town in 1907 but Sidney officials restricted selling meals from the mobile eatery so Spot Miller kicked the wheels off and became a permanent fixture in town for generations to come, cooking up memories for all.

New owners bought the place from Spot Miller and had a grand vision of popping up in many spots across Ohio and beyond. The chain, Spot to Eat, opened in Athens, Urbana, Lima, Piqua, and Bellefontaine. Eventually, they all disappeared and only one SPOT exists today, the original!

Along the way, a more permanent building was built. Fire in the early 1940’s resulted in the exterior design seen today, including the neon sign hanging over the front door with the Spot trademark. Inside, the last renovation was 1976.

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