Stricker’s Grove Amusement Park

Stricker’s Grove is a private amusement park but opens to the public four days per year.

  • Open: Stricker’s Grove is open to the public four times a year: Fourth of July, Family Day, which is always the second Sunday in August, Labor Day, and Customer Appreciation Day which is in October.
  • Location: (Map It) 11490 Hamilton-Cleves Road in Hamilton, Ohio
  • Phone: Park: (513) 738-3366 and Office: (513) 521-9747
  • Web: 

Stricker’s Grove Amusement Park in Hamilton, Ohio has a variety of rides and games for all ages. It features two roller coasters. The Tornado is a wooden roller coaster designed by Al Collins and built by Ralph Stricker. Ralph Stricker is the only person in the United States to build his own coaster. Construction was started in November 1990 and completed in June 1993. The second roller coaster is the Teddy Bear. The original Teddy Bear was located in kiddie land at Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ralph Stricker obtained the blueprints and rebuilt the Teddy Bear at Stricker’s Grove. The park has a train, Ferris wheel, Merry Go Round, Scrambler, Tilt A Whirl, pirate ship, flying scooters, and other rides, including kiddie cars, boats, and rockets.  In addition to the rides, Stricker’s Grove also has an 18 hole miniature golf, an arcade with video games and skeeball, a shooting gallery, and horseshoes.

Stricker’s Grove is a family-owned and operated private amusement park available to rent to groups, organizations, and churches for family picnics, wedding receptions, meetings, etc. for groups of 500 or more from mid-May to early October. Unlike most other parks, Stricker’s Grove only rents to one group most of the time, therefore, guaranteeing complete privacy without the hassle of sharing the park and picnic facilities.  Stricker’s Grove also has a hall available for wedding receptions, dances, etc. through the fall, winter, and spring months for groups of up to 500 people.