Susie’s Museum of Childhood

Admission to Susie’s Museum of Childhood at Bluebird Farm Park is a nominal fee.

  • Open: Monday – Friday from 11am – 3pm.
  • Location: (Map It) Bluebird Farm Park at 190 Alamo Road in  Carrollton, Ohio
  • Phone 330-627-8046
  • Web: click here

Susie’s Museum of Childhood at Bluebird Farm Park:  This museum features many playthings available to American children from the 1700s to the present day. The toys are featured in imaginative and colorful displays and include wooden, wax, china, French and German bisque, mechanical, paper-mâché, composition, and cloth dolls; and stuffed animals and Teddy bears, most notably those manufactured by the German maker Margarete Steiff. Special sections are devoted to some of America’s most beloved and certainly popular toys – Raggedy Ann and Andy, Shirley Temple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and all the 1930s Disneyana! Also, a miniature fantasy world awaits you – toy china sets, antique dollhouses, doll-size kitchens, doll and child-size furniture, and a detailed circus filled with Steiff and Schoenhut circus pieces. Make plans for a whimsical step back in time. Hopefully, you will be happily transported to a world of wonderful childhood memories during your visit. Group tours are encouraged, and special occasions can be accommodated. Upon request, special programs can be prepared and presented to groups such as doll clubs on topics ranging from Madame Alexander Dolls, Steiff animals, advertising dolls, SUN rubber, Bernard Lipfert, doll designers, and antique dolls and toys. Whatever your area of interest, arrangements can be made to discuss it.

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