The Thought Drawer

By Frank Rocco Satullo, The OhioTraveler

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Traveling isn’t just a geographic journey. It’s also a voyage for the mind. Over the past 15 years, I’ve pulled off the roads of Ohio, and nationwide, to jot a thought down in a moment of inspiration. Then, it was tossed in the glove box, and eventually a drawer. In my new book, The Thought Drawer, I share these mindful moments ranging from one line to several paragraphs.

About the Book:

The Thought Drawer is a collection of thoughts, poems, and short stories about life. Over a 15 year period, as a midlife father, when inspiration struck me at the oddest moments, I’d jot a thought down on a piece of paper or type it on the computer and print it out. Sometimes I’d share it with others, sometimes not. All of it gathered into a stack of loose papers on a shelf and was finally shoved into a drawer. I kept adding to it. This is a collection of those thoughts. My purpose for this book is to merely share this trove of one human’s perspective. Maybe it will help someone. These raw reflections were sparked by conversations, arguments, and readings. Others seemed to drop from the sky into my mind, unannounced.

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Some excerpts have been shared in a column on Social Media and titled The Sunday Drive.