Things to do in Grove City

at the Crossroads of Heart-pounding & Heartwarming

Some of the best travel discoveries are found where big-city excitement meets idyllic solitude. It’s where tradition greets innovation; the rare one-stop, offering anyone an excursion of their calling, whether it’s for group adrenaline or solo repose.

Both pursuits often lead to the same destination—renewal. No matter if it’s team-building fun or a self-reflection, both are found in Grove City.

Sojourn to the outskirts of town to splash paddles into moving waters, pedal air deep into lungs, and meditate along a garden labyrinth. Go on a quest to dodge splattering paint, race drones, and kick a hole-in-one. Then, reunite in a charming small town center over a mouthwatering dish, on a patio over drinks, or at a festive gathering in the closed off streets.

Whether the idea is thrill or chill, and some places offer both, the first stop should be …READ MORE…

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