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Oberlin Heritage Center
and Oberlin, Ohio.

The Tour Guide to Fun (TGTF) joined prospective students in the “All Roads Lead to Oberlin” program before going in the Apollo Theater for a $6 movie.

Museum Education and Tour Coordinator Amanda Manahan is worried TGTF is taking it a little too fast on the stilts at the Little Red Schoolhouse.

TGTF gets into trouble at the 1836 Little Red Schoolhouse.

TGTF slid down the banister of the 1866 Monroe House of the Oberlin Heritage Center when staff weren’t looking.

This is why the Oberlin Heritage Center doesn’t allow people to slide down the banister in the 1866 Monroe House.

TGTF joins Charles Martin Hall in his chemistry lab to recreate his experiment to discover the process for mass producing aluminum.

TGTF takes time to enjoy the blossoms in front of the Oberlin Center for the Arts.

TGTF takes in the spring air in front of the Allen Memorial Art Museum.

TGTF ponders Oberlin’s historic connection to the struggle for racial equality while sitting in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

TGTF is excited about the Oberlin Summer Concert Series that takes place in Tappan Square.

TGTF strikes a classic pose in front of Hall Auditorium, designed by Wallace Harrison.

TGTF has been a good student and gets the privilege of sitting in the rocking chair in the 1836 Little Red Schoolhouse.

TGTF feels like Ferris Bueller and friends as he views Henri-Edmond Cross’s painting The Return of the Fisherman in the Allen Memorial Art Museum.

TGTF practices writing on the slate boards in the 1836 Little Red Schoolhouse.


Learn more about the places and photos above at http://www.oberlinheritagecenter.org/


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