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Historic Roscoe Village
in Coshocton, Ohio

OhioTraveler.com’s Tour Guide to Fun arrived at Historic Roscoe Village, a 1800s canal town, just in time for Halloween and fall fun.

Now that’s a scarecrow!

The Tour Guide to Fun is getting a lesson on how to make candles.

The Tour Guide to Fun is daydreaming about becoming a canal boat captain.

Whew, it can get pretty hot in the blacksmith shop.

The Tour Guide to Fun might be having a little too much fun in the leather shop.

The General Store fixed the Tour Guide to Fun’s sweet tooth.

More at the General Store.

Now the Tour Guide to Fun has an appetite. So, of course, his next stop is The Warehouse Restaurant.

The food is so good in Roscoe Village, he’s getting takeout at the Medberry counter.

Pet snacks, too. This place has everything.

Did someone scream?

Remember, Halloween is right around the corner.

Have you ever seen so many sweets and treats?

Is this the beloved mayor everyone talks about?

So many places to go around Roscoe Village. These guides are sure to steer the Tour Guide to Fun in the right direction.

Learn more about the places and photos above at https://roscoevillage.com/


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