Valetine Re-mailing Program From Loveland

Loveland, Ohio’s Valentine re-mailing program is a special stamping that is free but proper postage must be applied to envelopes.

  • When: January 1 – February 14
  • Location:  (Map It) Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce in Loveland, Ohio
  • Phone:  513-683-1544

Valetine Re-mailing Program From Loveland:  Send your Valentines stamped with a romantic cachet and postmark from Loveland, Ohio.  Prepare your Valentines, affixing proper postage, address, and return address, and include them in a larger envelope addressed to:  The Valentine Lady, 123 West 2nd St., Loveland, OH  45140.   All of the Valentine Ladies, past and present, members of the sweetheart court, and Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce staff members, will affix the special cachet bearing our signature slogan, “There is nothing in this world so sweet as love.”  After the special cachet is stamped upon the Valentine envelopes, they are taken to the Loveland Post Office where they are hand canceled bearing the passionate postmark from Loveland, OH.  Please don’t wait until February to send your Valentines!  For more information please visit