Vermilion Lighthouse

vermilion-ligthouse-ohio-lighthousesWelcome to the Vermilion Lighthouse.

  • Location: (Map It) 480 Main St. in Vermilion, Ohio

The Vermilion Lighthouse:  You may walk up to and around this lighthouse but there are no tours of the inside.It is located next to the Main Street Beach. Although lighthouses can be found in many countries, they have reached an almost cultic status here in the US. American lighthouses have been pictured on postcards, travel brochures, T-shirts, family room wallpaper, and even US postage stamps, and their iconic shape has made its way into many graphic designs. Lighthouses are usually thought of as a New England attraction, but there are lighthouses in other states, too, including the ones that border the Great Lakes. In fact, there are more inland lighthouses along the shores of the Great Lakes than most countries have along their entire ocean coast line.