Vine – understood…But Bine?

Visitors are coming to Delaware County, Ohio, in search of long weekend getaways, history, art, outdoor sports and more. Now they are asking about a newly introduced adventure, the Delaware County Vine & Bine Trail. And they want to know: Vines? Sounds like a wine trail…but, what is “bine?”

The Vine does indeed refer to the type of stem on which grapes grow. The Bine in the title references the stem on which hops grow. Delaware County has developed quite a presence in the craft wine and craft beer industries. The owners of the wineries and breweries on this trail are blazing their own paths into unique and intriguing ales and vintages. They’re also finding people are more than willing to follow their visions and efforts…they are, after all, pioneers of this growing county industry and they excel at what they do.

The Vine & Bine Trail, which runs between the cities of Delaware and Powell, for now, is self-guided and can be started at any establishment (or Trail Host). Hosts provide visitors with background on and stories of their award-winning offerings. All of the wineries and breweries have interesting stories about their how and why they came into being, and what led to the names of various beverages. These people are dedicated to their crafts, and they love to tell you about their place, and their remarkable products!

Found on the Vine & Bine Trail are light and refreshing vintages, hoppy IPAs, full-bodied reds, sours, lagers, stouts, dessert wines, sangrias…something to please every palate. Some of the ear-catching names will entice visitors to try them. But the proof is in the glass, that these are worth coming back for again and again:  Mr. Prince (a semi-dry red blend); Ill Monk; Trail Break; The Great Stoutdoors; Sweet Blanco Sangria; Reserve Syrah; Jetta’s Flying Snot; I Can’t Feel My Pants; English Flannel; Double RB Hazy; Autumn Harvest; Nouveau; Pacer; The Baron; Call me a Cab; Big Spender. Visitors can add their own list of favorites on the back on the Trail brochure, where a place for notes has been reserved. No matter where visitors begin their Trail, they will find incredible local flavors, hosts that love what they do, and memories that will habitually bring them back to Delaware County.

Visitors will be glad to find they can make their Vine & Bine memories last in a very tangible way: they can go home with favorites from their time on the Trail. Some breweries can their beer, and growlers are available at each taproom. All of the wineries also bottle their diverse vintages for enjoying later. Restaurants in the county also have taps dedicated to Delaware’s breweries…so visitors can pair a brew with their meals.

While the Vine & Bine Trail can be traversed any time of year, summer is a great time to start it. Many hosts have live music, special events, and a variety of food offerings throughout these warm months. Sip on your favorite red, white, or brew while getting to know your neighbors, relive old times with friends and family, and make new memories. Visitors will find that many of the offerings change seasonally, so they leave time for a fall or winter excursion as well.

It’s a great time to visit Delaware County and take in local seasonal drink and fare. And with this Trail available all year ‘round, travelers can make plans – or a last-minute decision! – to drop by, relax, and spend some time checking out the fruits of the vine… and bine!

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