Warther Museum Wins Award


Warther Museum: This is an Ohio STANDOUT in tourism as one of the most unique and historic workshops turned museum. It was over 100 years ago that Ernest “Mooney” Warther began carving history. Warther’s one-of-a-kind collection of 64 ebony, ivory and walnut train carvings has been appraised by the Smithsonian Institution as a “priceless work of art.” The eclectic property and state-of-the-art facility has a bustling cutlery business, tours of the original home and workshop, Swiss-style flower garden and an amazing arrowhead collection and button collection arranged in beautiful designs on the walls and ceiling. Learn more at www.warthers.com.

This award recognizes Ohio’s standouts in tourism. More details about the award and all award recipients are at ohiotraveler.com/standouts-in-ohio-tourism/.

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