Waynesville, Ohio is the best town to get out and walk

waynesville10This is an excerpt from a past edition of OhioTraveler

Waynesville, Ohio is dubbed one of the most walkable communities in America and the Antique Capitol of the Midwest. This historic village awaits your footsteps no matter if it’s summer, fall, winter or spring.

The quaint small town is like none other. It’s like an endless outdoor shopping mall set in the 1800s with character galore. Each little building or shop has a history, rich in Quaker heritage and Victorian architecture. The five-block “Old Main Street” is lined with more than 70 Mom & Pop shops featuring a wide-array of antiques, crafts, custom woodworking, collectibles, eateries, coffee houses and specialty shops. Whether it’s the middle of winter or a hot summer day, it is always buzzing with pedestrians on a shopping binge.

Waynesville offers visitors a nostalgic experience as they meander by and through the charming buildings from the 1800s, past copper street lamps on brick sidewalks gazing at the seemingly endless restored Victorian homes turned shops with colorful window boxes and street-side benches.

Merchants are often seen unloading their trucks with their newest (or oldest) additions to their inventory coming from estate sales nation- sometimes world-wide or far off or nearby places that they travel too in order to obtain the lore that someone will undoubtedly find and say, “this piece completes…” Whether shopping with purpose, merely browsing or just looking for a nice place to take a stroll, Waynesville is the place to do it – in style.

waynesville 24The old-time village is a perfect place to explore year-round. And throughout the year, the calendar of events is littered with fantastic attractions such as Old Main Street Antique Show in May and September, The Ohio Renaissance Festival from August to October, the Ohio Sauerkraut festival in October, and Christmas in the Village in December to name some. Nearby attractions include Caesar’s Creek State Park featuring an 18th Century Pioneer Village with more than 20 restored buildings of that period.  

Information about Waynesville is available online at www.waynesvilleohio.com and www.waynesvilleshops.com. Visitors can pick up a self-guided walking tour brochure at The Museum at the Friends Home or make an appointment with a local historian and official Towne Crier to undertake an in-depth historical tour of Main Street and the Quaker Historical District by calling 513-897-1607. On the tour, visitors will also learn why this small town has also become widely known as the Most Haunted Town in Ohio.