Tractor Pulling Championship

The Largest Tractor Pulling Championship in the world is in Bowling Green, Ohio!

When August rolls around, folks are sure to think of going back to school. But if you live in Bowling Green, Ohio, the last hurrah before textbooks and exams is the Tractor Pulls!

People travel from all over the world to visit and take part in the festivities at the National Tractor Pulling Championships. For 54 years, Bowling Green has been locally and internationally known to be the home to the National Tractor Pulling Championships (NTPC). Since 1962, when the first speed pull was introduced to Wood County, it has become a staple for this small town. Starting out with just 20 members, this well-known event did not gain its full popularity until around the late 1970s. Through new technology and dedication from the organization, this once small institution has now grown to have 225 members and 9 directors leading them all. With these organizers, it is easy to see how this weekend creates memories and tons of fun.

This jam-packed three-day event holds five sessions of exciting and riveting pulls. Anything from Four Wheel Drive Trucks to Super Semis can be seen competing to bring home those big trophies. As the largest tractor pulling championship in the world, who wouldn’t want to go out and enjoy all the fun? With over 2,100 campsites and about 65,000 people, it is the perfect weekend to end the summer.

Sit outside with friends and family, get some good food, and watch the Blue Shirts put on a show. With the unfortunate cancellation of the event last year, there is no better time to visit the Wood County Fairgrounds. Choosing to stay at the campground is the perfect way to experience the weekend in all its glory. With the sights and sounds within walking distance from the arena, relaxation has never been easier…but that’s not all there is at the Tractor Pulls. Trying out some of the delicious food stands for dinner, jamming out with the live bands, or making a few stops at the merchandising tent are a few ways to make the weekend even better.

Not only are there many things to do, but guests can also help make a difference while doing them. The Make A Wish Foundation of Northwestern Ohio and the Northwestern Ohio Tractor Pullers have partnered together for the past 25 years. The organization has several volunteers run throughout the stadium with collection buckets to help raise money. They also put on an auction for the families where vendors donate several items to get the whole community involved. This relationship has been able to grant 24 children their desired wish and give many families a weekend they will never forget.

The National Tractor Pulling Championships is definitely the place to be this summer. Experience some exhilarating pulls, enjoy some delicious food, create some long-lasting memories, and support a great cause all while doing so. The NTPC will take place at the Wood County Fairgrounds in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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