Yoders is an Amish Oasis

in Southwest Ohio

Yoder’s Bakery and Furniture has established its roots in rural Adams County, Ohio’s Wheat Ridge Amish Community. This family-owned and run business was formerly Keim Family Market. It provides much of the same folks came to expect from the Keim family over the decades. But the Yoder family is already making a name for itself.

Yoders has already made lasting bonds with its customers and earned recognition for their kindness and helpfulness, which has been at 2621 Burnt Cabin Road off SR 32 in Seaman, Ohio, for decades.

Many in the area make this a routine shopping experience, but just as many make it a pilgrimage shopping experience. That is to say, they make it a memorable trip to gather furniture, bulk foods, and baked goods and relax for an extended stay, often having a deli picnic under the mature shade trees overlooking the playsets kids are trying out. The wooded hills are a gorgeous backdrop for this Amish oasis at the edge of Appalachia.

In addition to the picnic tables, folks gather along the benches and chairs sprinkled down Yoder’s two porches which seem to stretch forever. The lunch crowd is eager to taste Yoder’s fresh deli sandwiches and warm-from-the-oven baked goods. And to wash it all down is an old-fashioned cream soda. Afterward, the kids test the playsets and trampolines. Parents and grandparents watch while they talk under the majestic shade trees, browse the indoor and outdoor furniture, or walk the aisles of bulk foods, seeking ingredients not found in big box stores. It’s a place where shopping is relaxing, and the stay is extended.

This cherished destination-shopping experience is an authentic, one-of-a-kind Amish variety store and Wheat Ridge Amish community staple. A visit to Yoder’s is a throwback to a more simple and peaceful time, and it combines a unique experience with hard-to-find offerings.

Inside, visitors are treated to everything from fresh-made donuts to handmade dining tables. Feel the warmth and enjoy the aroma coming from the bakers’ ovens. Bakers are seen in plain sight rolling dough and preparing scrumptious baked goods every morning. As soon as the goodies hit the store shelves, customers grab them up to bring home …if they make it that far. The bakery is known for its donuts, fruit pies, cookies, loaves of bread, and cinnamon rolls, to name several specialties.

For those who arrive midday, there’s a full-service deli with a tasty variety of meats and cheeses to cater to any appetite. In addition, steaks are now offered as well. Look for the weekly special. It’s common to see license plates in the parking lot from counties in Ohio and Kentucky, near and far. And coolers being packed with meats and cheeses for the long ride home.

The chef in the family will enjoy a trip to Yoder’s to tackle that list of unique ingredients needed for those cherished recipes. There are aisles of hard-to-find goods with the Yoder label. In addition, traditional tin cookie cutters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Yoder’s jams and jellies, flour, and so much more fill the shelves with old-time candies and a great selection of sugar-free foods. A camping favorite is popcorn you can pop over the fire pit.

The rustic warm store also has a wonderful selection of odds and ends, from nostalgic wood toys, gorgeous wicker baskets, Amish-made quilts, and scented candles. They also carry the ever-popular choices of Christian wall hangings by P. Graham Dunn.

The indoor furniture selection fills the final third of the main store. If a child needs a new computer desk, look no further. If Dad needs an easy chair, you’ll find it here. And if mom wants a dining set like no other, this is the place. Yoder’s also has stools, benches, hutches, gliders, bedroom sets, and more. Whatever is bought here is not likely to be purchased anywhere else.  And if a new gazebo, shed, or patio set is needed, Yoder’s can deliver it.

Yoder’s Bakery and Furniture is open Monday – Saturday (Closed on Sunday). Call 937-386-9995, visit their Facebook page or website to plan your pilgrimage to a lesser-traveled Amish country.

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