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Let The OhioTraveler be your Tour Guide to Fun!

Cornering Ohio: Welcome to “Cornering Ohio” where we share the best street corners in Ohio tourism!

Wow, THAT’s Creative!: Ohio has creative pieces of art in museums, along roadways, in parks, you name it. So far, we’ve said, “Wow, THAT’s creative!” in reaction to these pieces…

Discoveries at the Museum: Many museum visitors brush past exhibits without knowing the profound story they tell. Here, we want to call attention to the museum pieces around Ohio that may be overlooked but shouldn’t.

FoodtEase: Ohio has original taste! Through the generations, some of its eateries have obtained storied status. Here, we want to tease foodies with cravings and provide ease in making the trip to satisfy those mouth-watering taste buds. So far, here’s what’s on the OhioTraveler “FoodtEase” menu…

SATURdate: Whether you want a getaway with family, friends, a partner, or just a solo trip, explore the roads already taken by The OhioTraveler as he explores Ohio one Saturday at a time.

Trekking Ohio’s Wild: Here, you’ll discover nature trails, waterfalls, and other natural destinations on Ohio’s wild side.

The OhioTraveler Lists: Themed Ohio attractions in a list such as Memorial Day destinations or Best of Ohio.

Pieces of Ohio: There are pieces of Ohio across the continent and beyond. Here, we bring them home to

Your Tour Guide to Fun: Enjoy the fun photos and shenanigans of the Tour Guide to Fun’s past trips by clicking these stops…

Photos of the Month: As The OhioTraveler travels around the state seeking stories to share, he sometimes stops spontaneously to snap a pretty nice shot of something unexpected. These are some of those shots.

The Sunday Drive: Traveling isn’t just a geographic journey. It’s also a voyage for the mind. Over the years, The OhioTraveler pulled off the roads of Ohio, and nationwide, to jot a thought down in a moment of inspiration. Then, it was tossed in the glove box, and eventually a drawer. These are some of my mindful moments and photos from “The Thought Drawer.”

Visit Before You Go Videos: These OhioTraveler videos are chock-full of fun in 60 seconds or less.

Out of Ohio: As the OhioTraveler, Frank Rocco Satullo is not only exploring Ohio destinations. He also ventures out of Ohio as your Tour Guide to Fun… but with an Ohio or Midwest perspective. The following stories are written or filmed from first-hand experience and are intended to be entertaining in addition to informative. You may find his stories are your stories.

The Full Scoop: These are long-form, multimedia stories that take a deep dive into a particular place to tell its story in an entertaining and thorough way. Each is photo-rich and may also share short video clips. All of which are placed in the flow of the story. These stories are timeless, so take your time reading them.

Let The OhioTraveler be your Tour Guide to Fun!

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