Your Ultimate Fall Adventure

It’s time to dive into a season of thrilling fall adventures! Grove City, Ohio, is the perfect destination for all your fall adventure needs. From classic autumn festivities to exhilarating paintball games and serene kayaking trips, a weekend getaway while staying in one of the city’s 18 hotels is just what you need.

Grove City Pumpkin Trek: A Celebration of All Things Fall

The pumpkin is the quintessential fall icon, and what better way to honor it than by participating in the annual Grove City Pumpkin Trek? Spanning two months, September 1st through October 31st, this citywide endeavor will give you all the autumn vibes. Here’s how it works:

  • Get your “Trek Guide” from any participating store or the visitor center, like the Grove City Guide + Gear (note: limited hours, so do check in advance), or utilize the online passport to streamline your experience.
  • Every fall-themed purchase from a listed business earns you a certain number of points.
  • Once you’ve reached a particular point threshold, you can then redeem your points for three different prizes, worth different amounts of points. Stop by the visitor center to claim your prize while supplies last!

Whether you’re into pumpkin-infused delicacies, unique home decorations, or deliciously scented fall candles, the Pumpkin Trek promises something for everyone’s taste.

Digital Delights: Pumpkin Trek

Taking a modern spin on the traditional trek, this year introduces the digital version of the Pumpkin Trek. No app download is needed, making your journey smoother and more accessible. However, printed trek cards are still available for those who cherish the tactile experience. Access the digital platform at The 2023 Pumpkin Trek is active from September 1st to October 31st, with prize redemptions open until November 22nd. Check out the digital pass at

Participating Businesses: Grove City Guide & Gear; Grove City Nutrition; Transcend Coffee; Strawser’s Ice Cream, Pop & Candy Shop; Columbus Keto; The Garden Bar; Broadway Fireplace & Décor; Cimi’s Bistro; Kirk’s Farm Market; Creekside Café; and Circle S Farms.

LVL UP Your Game at Valken Village

Thrill-seekers, this one’s for you! Visit LVL UP Sports Paintball Park, home to the Midwest’s largest paintball castle, Valken Village. This unique, multi-tiered castle offers diverse gaming experiences. And with various custom structures peppered throughout, you’re in for a paintballing treat. And if you’re up for it, scaling the 100 ft walls could just give you that winning advantage.

Admire the Scenic Beauty of Scioto Grove Metro Park

Elevate your view and see prime fall foliage from a bird’s eye perspective at the park’s designated drone field. The REI River Trail offers a 1.8-mile urban backpacking trail for those inclined towards terrestrial adventures. Perfect for novices or those looking for a brief starlit escapade. Pitch a tent at one of the tent pads and make the most of the outdoors. Note: For details and reservations, visit

Paddle Away at Trapper John’s Canoe Livery

If water adventures are more your style, embark on a canoe or kayak journey from Trapper John’s Canoe Livery to explore the National Scenic Rivers, the Little and Big Darby Creeks. Choose from five diverse self-guided trips and let nature steer your course. It’s another great way to enjoy the fall colors while getting on the water one last time before colder weather rolls in.

Pizza Trek: For the Culinary Explorer

For those whose cravings lean towards the culinary, Grove City has a cheesy, crispy, and utterly delicious adventure – the Grove City Pizza Trek. This unique experience is designed for pizza aficionados, families, and anyone looking to indulge in one of the world’s favorite dishes. As with the Pumpkin Trek, the Pizza Trek comes with its own set of rewards. Each slice you savor or pizza you purchase will get you closer to earning a prize. Collect enough stamps, turn in your trek at Visit Grove City, and walk away with a free Pizza Trek souvenir.

Grove City awaits you this fall!

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